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How To Use Paraglider Dupe Glitch In TotK?

Nintendo developed Tears of the Kingdom, an epic adventure game that is getting popular among many players.

Furthermore, players are discovering different glitches in Tears of the Kingdom(TotK) to duplicate items.

The Paraglider dupe glitch in TotK is the newest glitch to duplicate the items in your inventory. You can duplicate items using the Paraglider glitch by following simple steps, and it is easier than the previous bow and shield glitch.

Continue reading to learn about the TotK duplication glitch 1.1.2 and how to duplicate items using the Paraglider glitch.

TotK Duplication Glitch 1.1.2

On May 25, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom released an updated version 1.1.2.

Introduction to TotK
Tears of the Kingdom is an epic adventure game for Nintendo Switch System.

Even though developers claim to patch glitches and improve audio and gameplay, players can still duplicate items.

Furthermore, players are duplicating items using new glitches in games like:

  • Shock and Display dupe glitch
  • Paraglider dupe glitch
  • Fuse Shield dupe glitch
  • Weapon throw dupe glitch
  • Infinite dupe glitch
  • Weapons and Items dupe glitch

You can still use the duplication glitch in Totk in the new 1.1.2 version; however, the developers have patched some old glitches.

How To Duplicate Items Using The Paraglider Glitch?

Players of TotK are finding new glitches in a few days periods that are even easier and faster than the previous glitches.

Let’s learn about the paraglider dupe glitch in TotK, but first, you should get familiar with the last bow and shield glitch.

Furthermore, the bow glitch was very complicated, and the shield method was useless & time-consuming if you have many items in inventory.

However, this new paraglider glitch is super easy and does not require any bow or shield.

You can follow the steps below to duplicate items using the paraglider glitch.

  1. First, go to the high ground to activate the paraglider.
  2. Jump and activate the paraglider.
activating the glider
Activate the paraglider while in mid-air.
  1. Hit pause while in mid-air, and inventory will open.
  2. Hold the items you want to duplicate.
totk paraglider dupe glitch
You should hold all the items you want to duplicate.
  1. Now press the button Y and B at the same time.
  2. The items will now fall on the ground and collect them.

Furthermore, after you collect the items, you will see that the items are duplicating as you use this paraglider glitch.

You can also do this glitch multiple times without any limit for duplication.

In addition, on the “alyo channel,” you can watch the video about the paraglider duplication glitch.

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Things To Consider While Using The Glitch

You might wonder if using glitches on the games too often could cause issues while playing Tears of the Kingdom.

However, even after many attempts of this glitch, there would be no issues with your gameplay.

Therefore, you can use this glitch as often as possible and max out your Armor with extra rupees.

Furthermore, you should consider some things to use this glitch properly and duplicate the items.

  • If the glitch is not working, try placing the item you want to duplicate at the bottom of the inventory.
  • Sometimes, pressing Y + B won’t work, then try using only the Y button and vice versa.
  • You can also try holding items you only have one of and items you want to duplicate if the glitch is not working usually.
  • If none of the glitches work, the developers may have patched the glitch.

Moreover, using any glitch is technically an exploitation cheat, and you should be cautious while using these types of glitches.

The Bottom Line

The paraglider glitch is a new glitch in the Tears of the Kingdom, which is much easier and quicker than other item duplication glitches.

Many users call it a “Y + B” glitch because you have to press both buttons simultaneously to use this glitch properly.

Furthermore, even if there are no issues in the gameplay while using this glitch, you should not use these glitches as they can destroy the game’s economy.

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