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Dodge Fury Attack In Lies Of P: 3 Alternatives

The parade master, the game’s first boss, has several Fury attacks.

These attacks are hard to dodge or guard. Therefore, you must try to dodge his attacks as much as possible.

Fury attacks in Lies of P are hard to avoid and deal with. However, you can try the perfect guard method and the Flurry Rush ways to dodge it. Further, you can try the Ghost Walk Amulet.

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Fury Attack In Lies Of P

Fury attacks are potent attacks and very hard to avoid and deal much damage.

The enemies use this attack when they glow red. Players can use a perfect guard to counter them.

The perfect guar is a timed block that can negate the damage and allow you to counterattack

Alternatively, you can try to avoid the Fury attacks if you are not confident in your parrying skills.

However, it is not sure if it works for the players. 

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Ways To Dodge Fury Attack In Lies Of P

Dodging is ineffective against Fury attacks, as they are long-range.

Further, they can hit you even if you use the quick step.

Additionally, guarding is better than dodging, as it consumes less stamina and can evade most attacks.

the fury attack in Lies of P
You need to deal with the Fury attack.

For the perfect giard, hold the ZL button and tap the A button just before the enemy’s attack.

However, this may depend on your playstyle and preference.

There is also an item in the game called the Ghost Walk Amulet.

This Amulet allows you to dodge while performing a Fury attack.

The Amulet can be very useful if you want to be more aggressive and deal more damage. 

Further, you can get this item by exchanging the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo with Alidoro.

Dodge Fury Attack Using Ghost Walk Amulet 

The Ghost Walk Amulet can give you an edge in combat, especially against enemies that use Fury attacks.

It requires skill and timing to use it effectively. Therefore, you should practice using it in different situations.

Here are a few ideas to dodge the Fury attack using the Ghost Walk Amulet:

You must equip the item in one of your accessory slots and activate it by pressing the right trigger on your controller.

Amulets can assist you in dodging the Fury attack.

This will consume some of your fury gauge, the yellow bar below your health bar.

With the Amulet’s activation, you will enter an invisibility and invincibility state for a short duration.

During this, you can move freely and dodge any attacks, including Fury attacks.

Additionally, you can use this opportunity to perform a Fury attack by pressing the left trigger on your controller.

This will make you visible again, but you will damage your enemy and stun them momentarily.

However, players should be careful and not use the Ghost Walk Amulet too often.

It will drain your fury gauge quickly and leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

  • To dodge, press the O on Playstation and B on Xbox. 
  • To block, you have to press the L1 on PlayStation and LB on Xbox.
  • To parry, you have to press the L1 or LB button right before an enemy attack hits you.

Alternative Way To Dodge Fury Attack

Alternatively, to dodge Fury attacks, you can use a Flurry Rush.

This is a counterattack and consists of a rapid set of strikes.

You can perform a Flurry Rush similar to the Perfect Guarding.

You can hold the ZL button and tap the X button to jump.

Further, move the left stick in the direction you want to dodge.

However, you should perform this just before the enemy attack hits you.

If you dodge successfully, time will slow down, and you can unleash a barrage of attacks on the enemy.

In contradiction, you require skill and timing to adopt this way.

Further, it may not work against some enemies with long-range or wide-area attacks.

The Bottom Line

Dodging helps avoid other types of attacks, but it has some limitations.

You must dodge in the correct direction and timing, as the game has no invincibility frames.

You also have to watch your stamina, as dodging consumes it, and you will be vulnerable if you run out of it.

Contrarily, you can use Dodge Regain, which restores some of your stamina when you dodge an attack.

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