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How To Recharge A Wishstone In Lies Of P?

In Lies of P, Wishstone is a consumable item players can use while fighting tough and challenging bosses.

However, it can only be acquired in the late game.

To Recharge Wishstone, buy them from the Giangion or Rest at a Stargazer. However, to Recharge Wishstone from Stargazer, you need to obtain more of the same type of Wishstone.

Continue reading the article to dive deeper into details on Wishstones and how to Recharge them.

What Is Wishstone In Lies Of P?

Wishstones are the mystical crystals that offer players some additional buffs.

To use the Wishstone, you must also get an item known as the Cube.

The Cube is a catalyst that allows you to insert different types of Wishstone into it and apply corresponding effects.

You are provided with different Wishstones to choose from.

Here are some of the best Wishstone to use in Lies of p;

  1. Recovery Wishstone: This Item will temporarily restore your characters’ HP. It can act as a free Pulse Cell healing item. 
  2. Advance Wishstone: It Restores Legion Arms Mana. It will be a great combination when used with the Aegis Legion Arm.
  3. Friendship Wishstone: This Wishstone will restore Specter HP. This means the specter can aid you longer during the boss encounter.
  4. Indomitable Wishstone: This Item is also focused on specter, which will help the specter avoid death and restore HP. However, players must be careful since it must be used when the specter is about to die.
  5. Provocation Wishstone: You can use this Wishstone to make the specter tanky. This Wishstone will temporarily attract the enemy’s attention to the specter’s attention.

These are all the Wishstone you need to know to gain an advantage to fight the boss.

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How To Get Wishstone?

You will get the Wishstone and Cube after you talk to the NPC called Giangion.

You will initially encounter him on the way to the St. Frangelico Cathedral.

Recharge Wishstone
Players can get Wishstone and Cube from Giangino.

Moreover, the first Wishstone you will get from him is the Recovery Wishstone.

To use the Wishstone, you must equip the desired Wishstone into the Cube and put the cube into your inventory.

Once the Wishstone is used, it is consumed, and you have to Recharge it to use it again.

How To Recharge A Wishstone In Lies Of P?

To Recharge a Wishstone, players can buy from the Giangion or rest at the Stargazer.

Here, we have discussed how you can Recharge the Wishstone in Lies of P;

1. Purchase From Giangio

To Recharge Wishstone, you can navigate to Giangion. You can find him near the Golden Tree.

After you find him, interact with him to get the Wishstone.

Furthermore, you will get the Recovery Wishstone free until you unlock other Wishstone.

Once you unlock another Wishstone, you must purchase it with Gold Coin Fruit.

2. Rest At The Stargazer

Another way to Recharge is by resting on the Stargazer mentioned in the item’s description.

However, there is a trick to it: you have to get the same type of Wishstone to Recharge the original Wishstone.

This means you must buy the Wishstones and store them in the Inventory.

This overstocks in the storage and will Recharge automatically into the cube once you visit a Stargazer.

Furthermore, the tutorial in that game does not provide enough information on how the Wishstone system works.

To Recharge it from Stargazer, you need tons of the same type of Wishstone in your inventory.

However, many players think this is the bad mechanics and not correctly working.

Still, it can be an excellent way to Recharge the Wishstone without needing to visit Giangion most of the time.

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How To Get More Wishstone In Lies Of P?

As we discussed, you can get the Wishstones from the guy you got for the first time.

However, you must complete the quest lines or spend Gold Coin Fruit at Giangio’s shop.

As you complete the quest for different NPCs, you can get the Wishstone as a reward.

On the Other hand, you can purchase more Wishstone from Giangio’s Shop after collecting the fruit.

Therefore, the more Wishstone you have, the easier it can be to Recharge the Wishstone from Stargazer.

The Bottom Line

Wishstones are great consumable items that will provide an additional boost to your character.

It can be obtained from the NPC called Giangion. However, Once you use it, the cube will be useless.

To Recharge the Cube, you must purchase tons of the Wishstone from Giangion and store it in inventory.

Once you store it, you must visit the Stargazer to Recharge Wishstone.

Therefore, start collecting the Gold Coin Fruit to purchase tons of Wishstone and use it to gain advantage in battles.

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