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Pros And Cons Of Slightly Heavy In Lies Of P

Weight affects how quickly a character can move and regain stamina in Lies of P.

Being slightly heavy in Lies of P refers to an equipped load between 60% and 79% of your total capacity.

You will move a little more slowly in the slightly heavy condition, and your strikes and dodges won’t be as quick or precise. Despite some items (such as amulets) being heavier than others, your weight restriction can be increased.

This article discusses the meaning of being slightly heavy in Lies of P, including its merits and limitations.

What Is The Meaning Of Slightly Heavy In Lies Of P?

Slightly heavy is a term that describes your weight status in Lies of P.

Your equipment’s overall weight and capacity state determine your weight status.

Moreover, your arsenal consists of your weapons, armor, extras, and consumables.

Also, how much weight you can carry without slowing down depends on your capacity stat.

The game distinguishes between four weight statuses: average, slightly heavy, heavy, and overloaded.

Further, each condition impacts your mobility and stamina recovery speed differently. Typical is the best, while overburdened is the worst.

Slightly heavy is the second-best weight status in the game.

This indicates that the entire weight of your equipment takes up between 60% and 79% of your capacity.

Moreover, you can check your weight status in the inventory menu.

In Lies of P, your character can have various stats and abilities.

You move more slowly when slightly heavy, and your strikes and dodges are less accurate.

However, the difference is not as apparent as being normal or overweight.

With this weight condition, you can still fight effectively.

Additionally, you can lighten your load by raising your capacity stat, wearing lighter armor, or taking some things off your back.

Also, you can employ various tools or abilities that momentarily lighten your load or expand your capability.

In Lies of P, having a slight build is not harmful.

It enables you to employ more robust or protective equipment without significantly reducing your speed or stamina.

All you have to do is modify your playstyle appropriately.

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Pros And Cons Of Being Slightly Heavy In Lies Of P

Being slightly heavy in Lies of P has pros and cons, depending on your playstyle and preferences.

Here are some pros and cons of this ability:


  • Without being overloaded, you can employ more potent or protective equipment. Also, doing this can deliver more damage or last longer in battle.
  • Unlike being overweight or laden, you can maneuver and dodge quite well. You can also temporarily employ goods or abilities to reduce weight or enhance capacity.
  • The game will be more challenging and varied since you must adapt your strategies and time according to your weight status. This might enhance the game’s enjoyment and benefits.


  • You move slowly, attack less quickly, and dodge less precisely. You may become more susceptible to threats from the environment or enemies as a result.
  • Because your stamina recovers more slowly, you have less energy to carry out tasks. This may constrain your options and versatility in battle.
  • If you travel slowly or make low leaps, you can miss several hidden passages or shortcuts. You can miss out on some riches or explore possibilities as a result.

As mentioned above, being slightly heavy in Lies of P has its trade-offs.

Therefore, you need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this weight status and decide what suits you best.

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The Bottom Line

Being slightly heavy in Lies of P is a gamble.

It will slow you down slightly but allow you to wear heavier armor and weapons.

Nevertheless, whether or not to be slightly heavy is a matter of personal preference.

Therefore, you can just experiment with different equipment loads and see what works best for you.

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