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Fist Reynash In BG3: Complete Walkthrough

Baldur’s Gate 3, a captivating fantasy game, offers players a great journey where they encounter various characters.

Fist Reynash is one of a character that you will encounter at  Wyrm’s Rock Fortress.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Fist Reynash is a small character that you will encounter in Act 3. Furthermore, you will find him trying to unlock the Fist’s chest in Flaming Fist Barracks.

Continue reading to learn more about Fist Reynash and Where can you find him in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Fist Reynash In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Fist Reynash is a Solder of the Flaming Fist Faction in Baldur’s Gate 3. The voice behind this character is known as Jack Ayres.

Players will first encounter him trying to steal the Fist chest in the sleeping quarter at Wyrms Rock Fortress.

Fist Reynash
A map of Wyrm Rock Fortress Where you will encounter Fist Reynash.

Furthermore, if you confront him, it can lead you to various outcomes.

Moreover, As you walk close to him, he will ask you to leave the place because the barracks are only for Flaming Fist members.

However, you can use the Perception check and notice that he is trying to hide the lock pick.

On the other hand, you can pickpocket him if you approach him while he is trying to lockpick the chest.

You must approach him crouching and ensure you won’t start a dialog.

Also, you can pickpocket him after the dialog when he is sitting on a nearby chair.

You will find 314 gp, Tourch, and Thieves’ Tools in his inventory.

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Can You Rat Fist Reynash Out?

Obviously, you can rat him out, and you will get some Experience points by doing so.

In the dorm, you will find three Flaming Fist guards, Manip Bakshi, Fist Debin, and Fist Oriona, sleeping soundly.

While talking with Fist Reynash, you can wake the guards and alert them about the Fist Reynash.

Furthermore, you can do this immediately or after some time.

Doing so, Reynash will immediately leave the area, but one of the guards will confront you instead.

Moreover, you must pass a DC 10 persuasion check to convince them that you are not the culprit, but Reynash is.

Or else you will be put in the prison or attacked by the guard.

However, successfully completing the test will grant you 650 XP, and they will escort you outside.

Discovering What Is Inside Fist Reynash Stash In BG3

You can know what Fist Reynash has stolen if you do not rat out him. You can do this by using a DC 15 Intimidation or Persuasion Check.

By doing this trick, you can make Reynash admit his crime. However, he will keep on denying he is not the thief.

You can use various options to know the location of the goods. Since there are various options, some will not give you anything.

Here are the options you can use;

1. Blackmail Fist Reynash

You have the option to blackmail him, which forces him to reveal the location of the hidden stash.

This stash is filled with his stolen goods. However, some companions may disapprove of this option.

2. Inquiry Him

On the other hand, You can ask him about the reason why he is stealing.

This leads him to explain that he is preparing to flee using the boat since he is unwilling to be solder.

This is the reason why he is trying to steal the gold.

Furthermore, if you tell him some motivational line, he will leave sulking, and you will not get anything.

Therefore, if you choose this option, you will not get the location of the stash.

3. Help Him To Gain His Trust

You can give him 300 gp in this option to help him escape.

This makes him trust you can reveal the location of his stash by his own choice.

However, the items in the stash are valued much lower than the 300 gp you gave to Reynash.

4. Location O Stash With Out Raynash Help

The Stash of Reynash can be found even without help from him.

It is on a small lookout at the northeast corner of the rooftop.

Moreover, the stash is covered with illusion magic, it looks like a pile of building stone.

Find the stash
You will find the stash disguised in the pile of building rock.

But it will reveal itself once you pass an investigation check.

The Stash contains items such as Stashed Note, Carnelian Ring Dagger +1, Music Box, and Scroll of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter.

The Bottom Line

Fist Reynash in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a member of the Flaming Fist Faction. You will encounter him at Wyrm Rock Fortress.

However, he is trying to steal the gold to flee because he thinks he cannot be in the army.

After you talk to him, you can get the information about his hidden stash.

It is located at the small lookout at the northeast corner of the rooftop.

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