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What Is Gaspar Stilbian Spawn Rate?

In Diablo 4, Gaspar Stilbians are Super Unique Monsters, elite-type enemies available at the Scar in Scosgien.

It is easy to kill this enemy because it is docile and does not attack you. However, its spawn rate is the major problem.

Gaspar Stilibian is a rare enemy in the game encountered for the Outcast’s Handwraps and Crushed Beast Bones. If it does not spawn timely, it disappoints the players in the game.

Let’s further learn why Gaspar Stilibian is not spawning and how many times it spawns.

What Is The Gaspar Stilbian?

It is the human outlaw rare monster that doesn’t attack players.

It simply waits to die and drops the rare and unique item Outcast’s Handwraps on death.

The player can find Gaspar Stilbian toward the west of the Whispering Pines Dungeon at The Scar in Scosgien.

Location whispering pines
Gaspar Stilbian is found in the west of the Whispering Pines dungeon.

These Outcast’s Handwraps increase the Incinerate rank, a fire-based skill that aids in injury over time to enemies.

Additionally, it provides item power of 500 and armor of 250.

Moreover, Outcast’s Handwraps helps in enhancing Incinerate skills for Sorceresses.

Also, after it is killed, it drops 5 Crushed Beast Bones, a crafting material in Diablo 4 used to make elixirs and upgrade potions.

Gaspar stilbian
Gaspar Stilbian is a Super Unique Monster in Diablo 4.

As a result, the Light Healing Potion becomes available at level 30 once you have upgraded this potion to its fourth level.

However, Crushed Beast Bones has a low drop rate, and it’s pretty tough to obtain it.

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What Is The Gaspar Stilbian Spawn Rate?

It is uncertain whether the Gaspar Stilbian will spawn, as it has a very low spawn rate. Additionally, its appearance relies on the RNG (Random Number Generator).

Through some studies, it is found that the Gaspar Stilbian doesn’t spawn at all.

However, it also found that due to lagging internet speed caused an interruption in its spawning. Additionally, it can be a bug or glitch in the game. 

In fact, it is also found that the player found Gaspar standing in his spawn zone when he returned to Gaspar the next day.

Moreover, Gaspar Stilbian spawn rate is every fifteen to twenty minutes after killing him.

Why Is Gaspar Stilbian Not Spawning?

If Gaspar Stilbian is not spawning, it frustrates the players. But, don’t worry you can fix the issue with the following suggestions.

  1. The player can try restarting the game and the internet.
  2. Also, you can reload the area can travel fast. 
  3. Lastly, they must simply wait for him to spawn, stay in the area, or check back later.

But it’s not sure whether these solutions help him respawn. You need to try these solutions for maximum times.

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The Bottom Line

Super Unique Monsters often drop class-specific items, so Gaspar Stilbian is an excellent enemy to farm for Legendary items in Diablo 4.

Moreover, the player can unlock challenges such as Trophy Hunter, Opportunist, and Poacher, encountering Gaspar Stilbian.

Furthermore, the Gaspar Stilbian monster spawn rate is not known yet and does not respawn often.

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