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The Shocked Mission MW3: How To Complete It?

Players can access the shocked mission in Act 2 of Modern Warfare 3.

The mission requires players to stun or shock various zombies in Act 2.

The Shocked mission in MW3 requires players to shock or stun zombies and special zombies. Furthermore, the players must also obtain a Dead Wire ammo mod to complete the mission.

This article discusses the shocked mission and how to complete it in MW3.

What Is The Shocked Mission In MW3?

The Shocked mission is one of the missions that players must complete in Modern Warfare 3.

Players will gain access to this mission when they reach Act 2 of Modern Warfare 3/ MW3.

Furthermore, the mission requires players to fulfill certain criteria before it counts as players completing the mission.

This criterion is that the players must have a way to shock the enemy.

Furthermore, the entire mission revolves around shocking the enemies.

Thus, if players cannot shock the enemy, they cannot complete the mission.

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How To Complete The Shocked Mission In MW3?

The requirements for completing the Shocked Mission in MW3 are quite simple.

Here is a list of requirements for completing the Shocked mission in MW3:

  • Stun 25 Zombies with Dead Wire Ammo Mod
  • Stun 5 Zombies with Dead Wire Ammo Mod

Players must obtain the Dead Wire ammo before entering the mission head first.

Similarly, players can obtain the Dead Wire schematic craft mod from Aether Nests or Infested Strongholds.

Furthermore, the mod drop is random; however, it is still guaranteed when players find one of the Aether caches.

During the shocked mission, players will encounter various zombies they can stun and defeat.

However, to trigger the shock debuff, it depends on pure RNG.

normal zombie shocked mission mw3
Players must defeat normal zombies in the shocked mission.

Thus, it may take a couple of tries before players can shock the zombies.

After the players can shock and stun the zombies, they can simply defeat them, which will count towards the mission completion.

What Are Special Zombies In MW3?

Special Zombies are more challenging to find during the Modern Warfare 3 mission.

This is mainly because players cannot discern a special zombie from a normal zombie.

Furthermore, the game does not explain what a special zombie is during the start of the mission either.

Thus, this mission can be harder for players when they first encounter it.

The special zombies that players can find are Mimics, Manglers and Disciples.

special zombie shocked mission mw3
Players must defeat mimics and other special zombies in shocked mission.

Among the three, the easiest to shock or stun are the Manglers. Manglers are bulky and heavily armored.

This allows players to hit them to proc the shock or stun debuff constantly.

The second easiest special zombie to shock is the Disciples, and the last is Mimics.

Thus, the best way to stun five special zombies is to lure out manglers and constantly try to proc the shocked or stun debuff.

Furthermore, players can proc the debuff from a safe range, thus, making this mission quite smooth for the players.

The Bottom Line

Missions in Modern Warfare 3 allow players to progress through the story and learn about the world of MW3.

Furthermore, in certain missions, players can also obtain items and crafting mods to use in later game missions.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the shocked mission in MW3.

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