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Find The Best Gun: Striker Vs. Striker 9 In MW3

In this ever-evolving world of Modern Warfare 3, players want to know about the specifics of striker vs. striker 9.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is one of the best shooting games, which brings back the nostalgia.

While comparing striker vs. striker 9 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (MW3), despite the striker 9’s initial promise, the striker is the top choice for the players with its balanced stats and superior speed.

Continue reading to learn more about the striker vs. striker 9 in modern warfare MW3.

Striker Vs. Stiker 9: Comparing The Guns

To choose the best gun between striker and striker 9, players must learn about the several factors that affect the gameplay.

Players should understand these guns’ mechanisms, abilities, and drawbacks in choosing the weapon.

Here are some of the factors that should be considered while choosing the best gun:

1. Comparing The Overall Damage Output

It is optimal to compare their damage output to understand which weapon is lethal in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (MW3).

Similarly, players need to statistically analyze striker 9 and striker damage output to make it a weapon they choose.

Surprisingly, several buffs and nerfs significantly changed the playing field during the production event.

So after this event, the base damage of striker 9 now stands around the baseline with only 29 damage points.

Damage Output Of Striker and Striker 9
Comparing the Damage Output Of striker and striker 9.

However,  the base damage of classic Stiker possesses greater power, maintaining about a maximum of 31 damage points.

Besides that, players can access the striker’s enhanced power, which can deal 39 damage points.

Thus, with extreme damage points, Stiker possesses greater power and can provide a fatal blow to the opponents than striker 9.

2. Comparing The Headshot Damage Output

Moreover, while comparing the headshot damage of the striker and striker 9, striker 9 leads by 10 points.

The headshot damage output of the striker 9 is about 35, whereas the damage output of Strike is at 46.

These numbers highlight the significant difference between the weapons’ damage output, which can impact a player’s weapon choice.

Moreover, it is also based on the player’s choice; they can play on their preferred playstyle and the tactical demands of the battlefield.

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3. Comparing The Rate Of Fire 

Players need to understand the rate of fire as it is the pivotal factor in understanding the agility of the gun.

The striker 9 shoots its bullets at the astonishing rate of 857 bullets, and the striker only at the rate of 645.

Rate Of Fire Of Striker and Striker 9
Comparing the Rate Of Fire Of striker and striker 9.

While comparing the rate of fire of both guns, the striker 9 beats the classic striker.

4. Comparing The Overall Time To Kill (TTK)

While choosing the best gun between striker 9 and striker for Modern Warfare(MW3), players should compare the TTK of both guns.

Similarly, Overall Time To Kill (TTk) is a critical metric system in the dangerous world of MW3.

TTK Of Striker and Striker 9
Comparing the TTK Of striker and striker 9.

The striker 9 Overall Time to Kill the enemy is 352 milliseconds which is not considered good timing.

Likewise, the striker’s Overall Time to Kill the enemy is 279 milliseconds, making it more efficient than the striker 9.

5. Comparing The Weapon Range 

Players must learn about both guns’ weapon range and speed to choose the best gun from striker and striker 9.

Similarly, weapon range and speed are other vital aspects in determining the best choice of SMG for the players.

Weapon Range Of SMGs
Comparing the Weapon Range Of striker and striker 9.

The striker 9 offers an impressive shooting range of up to 11 meters and a striker of up to 10 meters.

Thus, these statistics prove that Stiker 9 beats the striker in terms of the weapon range.

6. Comparing The Speed Rate

Players should know the rate of speed of both guns because the real surprise comes while discussing the speed rate.

The striker provides 7.1 m/s in tactical sprint clocks, 5.8 m/s in regular sprint, and 4.9 m/s in everyday movement.

Speed Rate Of SMGs
Comparing the Speed Rate Of striker and striker 9.

Strike 9 provides 7m/s in tactical sprint clocks, 6m/s in regular sprints, and 5m/s in normal movement.

The Bottom Line

When choosing the best guns between the striker 9 and the classic striker, the original striker emerges as the top choice among SMGs.

With its balanced stats and abilities, the classic striker is the best SMG choice between the striker and striker 9.

In conclusion, despite striker 9 initial promise to be better and providing good stats on some attributes, the classic striker is better than it.

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