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Icons Of Power WOW: An Overview

Players have been searching for the Icons of power in WOW, which is a quest they have to complete.

There are various types of in-game quests and seasonal quests in World of Warcraft for players to earn rewards.

Icons of Power in World of Warcraft is a quest where players need to collect items such as legion emblems to complete it and win rewards such as Enchanted Nightborne Coin.
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What Is Icons Of Power?

Icons of Power in World of Warcraft is a quest in the game named Symbols of Power.

However, the new Season of Discovery might update this quest to the Icons of Power quest.

Moreover, the new season might also introduce this quest as a completely different one.

Similarly, players need to collect 8 Legion Emblems and should have a level 45 to complete this quest.

In the same way, this quest falls under the Good Suramaritan-Breaking The Lightbreaker storyline in the game.

Additionally, players will get the Enchanted Nightborne Coin as the reward for completing this quest.

How To Play The Symbols Of Power Quest?

Players can start this quest from the Felsoul Hold location as a part of the Good Suramaritan storyline.

Similarly, you have to talk to Lyana Darksorrow first before starting the quest, as she will give you a briefing.

Moreover, players have to kill the higher-level demons by searching them all over the Felsoul Hold area.

Additionally, these demons are the most powerful Burning Legion soldiers in the demon army.

Fighting with demons
Fighting with demons in Symbols of Power quest.

In the same way, players will find emblems of their rank and status, which they have to collect to complete this quest.

However, you need to be careful when killing some demons by dodging their attacks and using powerful sword techniques.

Furthermore, some of the demon soldiers that you need to kill are as follows:

  • Wrathguard Fury
  • Shivan Strifebringer
  • Legion Endbringer
  • Felsoul Inquisitor
  • Overburdened Taskmaster

Finally, after collecting all 8 emblems, you have to return to Lyana Darksorrow, and the quest will be complete.

What Is Legion Emblem?

Legion Emblem is an in-game item that has an item level of 1 and is a quest item.

Moreover, this emblem has a golden color, just like a burning light, and a green color in the middle.

Similarly, the demon soldiers wear it on their armor and consider it as a symbol of pride.

Furthermore, this emblem is worn by demons such as Lady Rivantas, Felsoul Crusher, etc, in the Symbols of Power quest.

Icons Of Power In SOD

The new Season of Discovery seems to have various Icons that you can engrave to your armor sets.

Moreover, there is a Shaman Rune, a Dyadic Icon in this season, that you can engrave on your chest slot.

Player complaining
Player complaining about a bug in the new SOD.

Similarly, players have been discussing the Icons of Power quest this season which includes killing Scorpid and collecting Rune.

However, there is not much information about this quest revealed by the game developers or other players.

The Bottom Line

Overall, players can easily play the symbol of power quest and win it to get special rewards.

Moreover, you will have to wait for the game to confirm the Icons of Power quest in the new Season of Discovery.

Similarly, completing this quest will assist the players in completing the Good Suramaritan storyline much faster.

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