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Mind Blown Klue In MK1: Full Guide

In MK1, there is a board game with puzzles that need to be solved by players.

Players can solve those Klues by completing specific objectives in Invasion mode.

In the Tarkatan Colony’s Heavy Hitter mode, you must select Motaro as the character. Further, you must use Motaro’s fatality Brain Blast at the end of the match. 

This article discusses Klue and how to solve Mind Blown in MK1.

What Is Klue In MK1?

Klues are puzzles hidden inside the Invasion mode of Mortal Kombat 1.

It is a giant board game where players roam and fight with cryptic bonus objectives.

Players can proceed after successfully completing the objectives to unlock hidden paths.

Therefore, there are 12 Klues, and one of them is Mind Blown in Mk1.

Similarly, each Klue has a unique solution that you must complete to unfold the new path.

The Klues are scattered around the six Mesas in the Invasion mode, and each Mesa typically has a handful of Klues to find.

 After solving them, it will lead to a hidden chest with randomized rewards such as Talismans, consumables, and character skins.

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How To Solve Mind Blown In Mk1?

The Mind Blown Klue in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion mode is a puzzle players must solve.

Thus, completing it will unlock secret chests and get rewarded with loot items like skins, palettes, and many more.

The Mind Blown Klue is located in the Tarkatan Colony’s Heavy Hitter Invasion mode in Mortal Kombat 1.

mind blown mk1
You must use Motaro to complete the Mind Blown Klue in Mortal Kombat 1.

To solve the Mind Blown Klue, you need to use Motaro’s fatality Brain Blast.

Here are the steps to solve the Mind Blown Klue:

  1. You have to choose Motaro and proceed to the battle of Mind Blown.
  2. You have to fight and lower the health point of the opponent.
  3. You have to be at the mid-distance from your opponent.
  4. When the “Finish Him” text prompt appears on the screen, you have to use the fatality move.
  5. To do so, you have to press Forward, Down, Down, and Kameo in sequence.

After that, the hidden path reveals for you to continue your journey through the path.

mind blown mk1 brain blast
Use Brain Blast to finish off your opponent and progress through the Invasion.

Therefore, you will get rewards such as a rare relic, Baraka Palette, Ashrah Gear, and some coins.

The Bottom Line

You must be accurate and precise while attacking the opponent to walkthrough Mind Blown.

Furthermore, you must unlock other Klues as you progress through every Klues.

Thus, the most essential part is the Brain Blast because you must finish your opponent with it.

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