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Gleb In Elden Ring: Learn The Ways To Create It

In the Elden Ring, you are a warrior who must restore the shattered Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord.

Gamers praise it for its gameplay, exploration, and setting, and it has won multiple Game of the Year awards.

Gleb in the Elden Ring is a character created by a user in Elden Ring’s character creator. To create Gleb, choose the Vagabond origin, pick the body type and customize the Appearance.

Continue reading to know who Gleb is and how to create it.

Who Is Gleb In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game released in February 2022.

Gleb in the Elden Ring is a character created by a user in Elden Ring’s character creator.

He has become a popular meme within the Elden Ring community.

Further, he is more than just a character; he is a phenomenon.

Some people found the character funny and started to comment on Gleb or Don’t Ignore Gleb on other posts related to Elden Ring.

ignore gleb
Reddit post on Gleb

Many people have shared their versions of Gleb or made jokes about him.

Thus, Gleb is known for his neon green hair and beard, muscular physique, and mysterious backstory. 

Some fans have also created lore, fan art, and cosplay for Gleb.

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Create Gleb In Elden Ring

One can create Gleb using the game’s character creator.

Here are some tips on how to make your own Gleb:

1. Vagabond Origin

First, you need to choose the Vagabond origin.

Further, it will give you high strength and vitality, including a sword and shield as your starting weapons.

2. Body Type

Next, pick the body type that matches Gleb’s muscular physique.

You can adjust the height, weight, and build sliders.

3. Customize Appearance

Then, you need to customize Gleb’s Appearance.

The most essential features are his neon green hair and beard.

Additionally, you can select from the hair color and facial hair options.

Moreover, you can tweak his face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and scars to make him look more like Gleb.

4. Choose Keepsake

Finally, you need to choose a keepsake for Gleb.

A keepsake is a starting gift that gives you an advantage in the game.

For Gleb, choose the Ring of the Tarnished, which increases your stamina regeneration rate.

However, this will help you swing your sword faster and dodge more easily.

customization of gleb elden ring
A Reddit post on the customization of Gleb.

Use Of Gleb In Elden Ring

You cannot use Gleb in any way except maybe to make your character look like him with the character creation tool.

Therefore, to use valuable something in Elden Ring, try out some of the game’s weapon skills, magic, and grease.

Weapon skills are special moves you can perform with certain weapons by pressing the controller’s left trigger or L2 button.

Moreover, magic is a form of combat that uses various spells, sorceries, and enchantments.

Players can cast with a catalyst, such as a staff or a talisman.

Further, grease is a consumable item you can apply to your weapon to give it a temporary buff, such as fire, lightning, or poison damage.

The Bottom Line

Gleb in Elden Ring is praised, worshipped, and spammed by fans fascinated by his charisma and uniqueness.

Contrarily, Gleb represents the creativity and humor of the Elden Ring fans enjoying the game’s character creator and open-world action RPG gameplay.

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