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Purpose Of The Golden Zibbo Lighter In Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov asks players to collect many valuables during missions and one of them is the Golden Zibbo Lighter.

Although this task seems easy from the surface, tracking its location is quite hard in the game.

In Escape from Tarkov, players can find the Golden Zibbo lighter in dorm room 303 on the Customs map and then hide it in a cabin. But since players must do this during the PvP environment, learning its location will aid them in this mission.

Continue reading this article to learn the location of the Golden Zibbo lighter in Escape from Tarkov.

What Is The Golden Zibbo Lighter In Tarkov?

Escape of Tarkov has a variety of item retrieval missions that are tied to a famous personality.

Similarly, one such item is the Golden Zibbo Lighter which belongs to the Handle of Uruguay.

Golden swag escape from tarkov
The Golden Swag mission asks players to collect the Golden Zibbo Lighter.

However, players can only discover this item when they take the Golden Swag mission from Skier.

This mission takes place in the Customs map which only unlocks after the player reaches level 8.

So players must jump onto this map to start their search for this lighter which is a daunting task.

Additionally, players must find multiple door keys from Scavs jackets or bags to open the dorm room.

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Location Of The Golden Zibbo Lighter

Players must follow a series of steps to successfully track down the Golden Zibbo Lighter. The steps are:

  • Players must load the Customs map after picking the Golden Swag mission.
  • They should track down the dorm area which has a little grassy playground in the middle.
  • Go around the big yellow building and reach the third floor by using the metal stairs.
  • Once inside, players must find the wooden cupboard as the room next to it is Room 303.
  • They must unlock room 303’s metal door using the Dorm Room 303 key after getting it from Scav’s Jackets.
    Trading dorm room 303 key to find the golden zibbo lighter
    Players can trade items with the Therapist to get the Dorm room 303 key.
  • Alternatively, players can also trade this key for 7 plugs and 3 tapes with the Therapist.
  • Finally, they can find the Lighter lying on the table next to the candles.

Cabin Location To Hide The Lighter In Tarkov

Players must complete one additional quest after finding the lighter to finish the mission.

They must find the Cabin in the Trailer Park area to hide the retrieved lighter.

Specifically, the Trailer Park is on the East side of the map and the cabin is South of the Red Paradigm Warehouse.

Players have to manually unlock this door with a key after getting it from Scavs’s bag or jacket.

Hiding the golden zibbo lighter in cabin
Hiding the lighter in the cabin completes the Golden Swag mission in Escape from Tarkov.

Once inside, players must press the F key and wait for 30 seconds to hide the lighter.

However, they must note that dying during this process will compel them to redo this task.

Finally, the Golden Swag mission is marked complete after hiding this lighter without dying.

The Bottom line

Although the Golden Swag has only two objectives, finding both of the objective’s locations is quite a hassle.

Moreover, players must learn how to possess the door keys for this location to progress the mission.

Therefore, we hope that this article will guide them to complete this mission with ease.

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