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Escape From Tarkov: Nothing Fishy About This Quest

In Escape From Tarkov, players have to come across one of the quests called “Nothing Fishy About This.”

Similarly, players can only participate in this quest after completing every quest of Shoreline Map and Ground Zero.

Players have to locate Ragman’s lost SUV on the shoreline and should successfully extract it without dying in the process to complete Nothing Fishy About This quest in Escape from Tarkov. To initiate the quest, move to the eastern part of the swamp on the map.

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Nothing Fishy About This: An Overview

Like many other quests in the game, players must also complete the Nothing Fishy About This quest to progress in the game.

Similarly, during this quest, players need to focus on survival and progression to complete the quest easily.

Players must complete initial quests before starting Nothing Fishy About This quest in Escape From Tarkov.

Further, players can only unlock Shoreline missions after completing the Ground Zero missions and initial quests.

Subsequently, upon reaching the Shoreline Area, players can start the mission by talking to the Ragman.

Ragman is one of the fish traders in the game who assigns Nothing Fishy About This quest to the players.

During the quest, players have to locate their lost SUV on the shoreline.

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Nothing Fishy About This Quest: An Ultimate Guide

Players should be cautious and well-prepared before embarking on the perilous task of Nothing Fisy About This Quest.

Similarly, they should fold the challenge with precision and strategy while advancing to the Shoreline.

Upon reaching the Shoreline, players must head to the northwest direction to reach the Swamp area.

Now explore the Swamp area and navigate to the eastern part of the Swamp to locate the Ragman’s SUV.

Swamp Area in Escape From Tarkov
Players should navigate to the eastern swamp area to locate the SUV in Escape From Tarkov.

Subsequently, after reaching the Eastern Swamp Area, you can find the SUV in one of the swamp ponds.

The SUV is pondered into the pond and only the rear part emerges from the water.

Next, players should be prepared to perform the extraction to this SUV like other vehicles in the game.

Extracting SUV Vehicle In Nothing Fishy About This Quest

After locating the submerged SUV in the pond, get near the car to trigger the following quest successively.

Further, getting near the SUV vehicle initiates the sub-task, and players have to stand beside it to complete it successfully.

Upon locating the Ragman’s Suv, players should successfully extract it without dying in the process.

nothing fishy about this quest in tarkov
Players can find the SUV by exploring the ponds in the Swamp Area and performing the extraction.

If the player dies while extracting the vehicle, they need to again perform the quest from the beginning.

Now, perform the successful extraction of the vehicle from the map to complete the Nothing Fishy About this quest.

Moreover, Shoreline map has expanded its vehicle extraction point which makes it easy for players to extract Ragman’s SUV.

The Bottom Line

In Escape From Tarkov, completing Nothing Fishy About This quest requires successful navigation to the eastern Swamp.

Similarly, players have to extract the submerged SUV vehicle of Ragman in the Shoreline map.

Moreover, completing this quest not only presents enticing rewards but also helps master the survival experience in Tarkov.

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