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A Guide To Good Friend Of Pirate Achievement In HSR

The new update of Honkai Star Rail(HSR) will add many achievements in the game, including “Good Friend of Pirate.”

This award is tricky as players are having difficulties tracking this achievement due to a lack of reliable information.

For the Good Friend of Pirate award in HSR, players must complete the “Youci’s Clever Decor” mission when the event is released on January 8. Hence, players must update the game to the latest version to unlock this achievement.

Continue reading this article to learn how to get the Good Friend of a Pirate achievement in HSR.

What Is Good Friend Of A Pirate In HSR?

Honkai Star Rail features a plethora of achievements in the game due to its vast world-building map.

Therefore, the game divides the achievements into various series to help players track them down.

Similarly, the Good Friend of a Pirate is an achievement that falls under the Memories We Share category.

Friend Of A Pirate will appear in the memories we share category
The “Friend Of A Pirate” achievement will appear in the memories we share category.

There are 26 achievements in this category, and the Good Friend of A Pirate appears near the end.

This achievement was recently added to the game’s database, meaning that it is related to recent quests.

Therefore, players must update the game to the latest version to unlock this achievement.

How To Unlock Good Friend Of  Pirate Achievemnt In HSR?

Like every other achievement in the game, this quest is tied to a specific category called The Memories We Share.

Therefore, players must complete the following requirements to get this achievement in Honkai Star Rail;

  1. Players must unlock the Pure Fiction game mode in the game.
Pure fiction mode in HSR
The information about the Pure fiction mode in HSR.
  1. Players must complete the Trailblaze Missions “Xianzhou Luofu – Demise of Immortality and Finale of Calamity,”
  2. Players must be at Equilibrium Level 3 or higher to unlock this feature.
  3. After updating the game to the latest version, players must Complete the “Youci’s Clever Decor” mission.

Further, players might also want to complete Stage 2 of Pure Fiction mode to unlock Lynx.

Finally, players will automatically unlock the Good Friend Of A Pirate achievement.

Is Trialblaze Experience A Permanent Mode In HSR?

Yes, it has been confirmed that the Trailblaze Experience “Camping in the Snow” is a permanent event.

In fact, the exact launch date of this event is January 8, when players can partake in this event.

Following these steps, players can complete “Youci’s Clever Decor” and Pure Fiction Stage 2 to receive a free Lynx.

However, the details of Youci’s Clever Decor mission are unknown as the game has not reached the update phase.

Therefore, players have no option but to wait until the update hits the official servers.

The Bottom Line

Many players are pretty excited by the new achievements and the upcoming January update of HSR, which will introduce new events.

Hence, they must become active on HSR online communities to learn legitimate information about the update.

Moreover, players will also get five Stellar Jades as a reward for completing any achievement, including Good Friend of Pirate.

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