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Silver Lynel Vs White Lynel – Which Is Stronger?

Zelda first introduced Lynels in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Additionally, there are four types of Lynels; Regular Lynels, Blue-Maned Lynels, White-Maned Lynels, and Silver Lynels.

Players believe Lynels are one of the strongest monster-type in the game since their introduction.

When comparing Silver Lynel vs. White Lynel, Silver-Maned Lynels outperform White-Maned Lynels in every aspect. However, players cannot encounter Silver-Maned Lynels without defeating White ones first. 

Furthermore, White-Maned Lynels have a black body and a White mane, while Silver Lynels have a black body and a black mane.

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Introduction To Lynels

Lynels are centaur-like monsters in Zelda. Nintendo introduced them in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

Additionally, they come in 4 variations; Lynels, Blue-Maned Lynel, White-Maned Lynel, Silver-Maned Lynel

Among them, Silver Lynels are considered to be one of the strongest.

However, players cannot meet higher variations without defeating the previous variation of the Lynels. 

Moreover, Lynels have high elemental resistance, making them a tough foe. Furthermore, all Lynels share the same move set, regardless of their variation.

The move set is as follows;

  1. Charge the player with weapon side strikes.
  2. Charge the player by crouching and bounding on all their limbs.
  3. Put distance between them and the player and shoot Fire from their mouths 3 times. 
  4. Use their bows with elemental arrows and air volleys. 
  5. Perform an explosive attack by striking the ground after performing a roar and rear up.
  6. If the player gains higher ground, Lynels will teleport to the area of the player. 

Additionally, the Lynels have additional move sets according to their weapon. 

Here is a list of moves set according to the weapon the Lynel is holding;

One-Handed Weapon Wielding Lynel

  • In close quarters swing three times
  • In close quarters swing once with both their weapon and shield
  • High-ground strike if facing a ledge

Spear-Wielding Lynel

  • After jumping, performs a Ground-strike
  • Charge the player and attack with the attack range of the spear. 

Two-Handed Weapon Wielding Lynel

  • After charging, strike the ground. 
  • Strike the players with its three clubs if they are in close quarters. 
  • If the player is standing behind Lynel, they will perform a spin attack. 

Although all Lynels share the same move set, each Lynel’s stats differ. 

Silver Lynel Vs. White Lynel – Stats Comparison

The Lynel variations have different stats. Additionally, each variation is encountered after defeating the previous variation.

However, out of the 22 Lynels in the game, only 18 can respawn as Silver-Maned Lynel. 

Here is a list of all the Lynels and their stats;

All Lynel TypesStats
LynelLife: 2000
Melee Attack Power: 33
Range Attack Power: 15
Blue-Maned LynelLife: 3000
Melee Attack Power: 49
Range Attack Power: 20
White-Maned LynelLife: 4000
Melee Attack Power: 74
Ranged Attack Power: 26
Silver-Maned LynelLife: 5000
Melee Attack Power: 90
Ranged Attack Power: 30
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Silver Lynel Vs. White Lynel – Who Is Strongest?

Among the four variations of the Lynels, Silver-Maned Lynel has the highest stats. 

However, the player must defeat a White-Maned Lynel before fighting the Silver-Maned Lynel.

Moreover, the difference in stats between the White-Maned Lynel and the Silver-Maned Lynel is not that high. 

But, the Silver-Maned Lynel is stronger than the White-Maned Lynel. 

Additionally, the White-Maned Lynels have more spawn points compared to Silver-Maned Lynels.

White-Maned Lynel Locations
Map Showing Location Of White-Maned Lynel

Comparatively, Silver-Maned Lynels have fewer spawn points but better rewards. 

Silver Lynel vs White Lynel
Map Showing the location of Silver-Maned Lynel

Rewards From Lynels

Players have stated, Lynels are mini-bosses within the game. But, they have also stated the rewards are worth the hassle. 

Here is a list of all the rewards from the Lynels;

Lynels Defeat Rewards
Lynel1. Lynel Hoof
2. Lynel Saber Horn
3. Lynel Mace Horn
Blue-Maned Lynel1. Lynel Hoof
2. Lynel Guts
3. Blue-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
4. Blue-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
White-Maned Lynel1. Lynel Hoof
2. Lynel Guts
3. White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
4. White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
Silver-Maned Lynel1. Topaz
2. Ruby
3. Sapphire
4. Star Fragment
5. Diamond

Additionally, Lynels also have a chance to drop the weapons they are using when defeated. 

However, Players specifically hunt Lynels for the material loot rather than the gear loot they drop. 

Here is a comparison between the loot dropped by Silver-Maned and White-Maned Lynel;

Lynel TypeRewards
Silver-Maned LynelLynel Horn
Lynel Hoof
Lynel Guts
Star Fragment
White-Maned LynelLynel hoof
Lynel Guts
White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn
White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn
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The Bottom Line

Lynels are one of the strongest mob monsters in the Zelda Franchise. However, Silver-Maned Lynels are a force to be feared. 

But a harder mob monster also means better loot.

Additionally, veteran players advise new players to gear up as though to fight a boss when taking on a Lynel.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the differences between Silver Lynel vs. White Lynel and compare their variants and move sets.

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