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How To Complete Gore Soaked Barricade In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 contains a great number of main quests and side quests for players to tackle. One such side quest is Fury against the Fate quest.

And even within this side quest is the quest to destroy the Gore-soaked barricade, which is an integral part of clearing the quest. 

Players will come across Gore soaked barricade during the Fury against Fate side quest. However, players claim that they can encounter a game-breaking bug while completing the quest. But the solution to the bug seems a lot easier than it seems.

Continue reading as we explore the side quest and how to fix the bug in the side quest.

What Is Gore Soaked Barricade In Diablo 4?

Gore-soaked barricade is a part of the Fury against Fate quest. In this quest, the players need to help the Crane Tribe to deal with cannibals.

The players must complete Consumed by Pride and Raising Spears quests to unlock the side story quest Fury against Fate.

Furthermore, players of Diablo 4 claim there is a bug with Fury against Fate quest.

The quest rewards players with Renown, Experience, Gold and a Gem Cache upon completion.

How To Complete Gore Soaked Barricade In Diablo 4?

Players must complete a series of steps to complete the Gore-soaked barricade quest.

Here are the steps to follow to complete the Gore Soaked Barricade quest in Diablo 4;

Step 1: Speak With Ealda At The Crane Tribe Hutmoot

Players need to first meet with Ealda at the Crane Tribe Hutmoot.

Here, she will give you directions on where you need to go. After you talk with her, she despawns in the hutmoot.

Talk with Ealda
Talk with Ealda in Crane tribe hutmoot.

Step 2: Meet Ealda At The Wasting Hollow

After the players talk to Ealda, they will need to head toward Wasting Hollow Dungeon to meet Ealda. 

Players must also enter the dungeon to meet Ealda and continue the quest.

Head to wasting hollow
Head to Wasting Hollow to meet Ealda.

Step 3: Clear The Cannibal Feeding Ground

After the players meet up with Ealda in the dungeon, they must head toward the gore-soaked barricade in order to destroy it.

Additionally, players must defeat every enemy in the dungeon to complete the quest.

After players clear out the dungeon, they must interact with Ealda and tell her that the area is “All clear.”

Defeat all cannibals
Defeat all the cannibals inside the dungeon

Step 4: Survive The Surprise Ambush

Surprisingly, after you talk with Ealda, a horde of enemies will ambush you.

You will need to defeat the entire horde. After you defeat them all, you will obtain a Gem Cache as a reward.

Surprise attack of cannibals contain elites
Surprise attack of cannibals with various elites

What Is The Bug With Gore-Soaked Barricade In Diablo 4?

During the quest, players can encounter a game-breaking bug.

The bug does not allow the players to complete the quest at all and they will need to restart the quest again to complete it.

The bug is that the Crane Tribe army will not run together with the players when they are trying to destroy the Gore-soaked barricade.

This will cause the entire quest to bug out.

Barricade without the bug
This is what the barricade will look like without the bug

Ways To Solve The Gore-Soaked Barricade Bug

Solving this bug is a lot simpler than it seems. Players claim that the bug typically shows up when they have events happening around the area of the dungeons.

Thus, players advise others to keep the event timers in check and clear them if there are any events around the area.

This will prevent players from encountering the Gore-soaked barricade bug in Diablo 4.

The Bottom Line

Players can opt-out since the Gore-soaked barricade is part of a side quest.

However, the quest provides players with renown as well. Thus, putting in that extra time to complete the side quest is better.

Hopefully, this article can help you clear the Fury against Fate quest and solve the Gore-soaked barricade bug if you ever encounter it.

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