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What Are The Drops From Elite In Diablo 4?

Elites are monsters players can meet randomly in dungeons or the overworld in Diablo 4.

They possess some of the strongest affixes, but players can defeat them easily with good preparation. 

In Diablo 4, players can encounter various Elite monsters that can be fatal depending on the build the players are following. However, if you can defeat the Elite monsters, you can earn great loot, such as Unique and legendary items. 

In this article, we will look into the affixes that the elites can possess and the loot you can obtain by defeating the elites.

What Are Elites In Diablo 4?

Elites are very rare monsters who have an extra affix other than the already existing two affixes.

These monsters are also a good source of experience for the players.

However, since the monsters contain some strong affixes, going up against them can be harder than other monsters.

In addition to having more affixes, Elite monsters will also have more health than other rare monsters.

Types Of Affixes For Elites In Diablo 4

Players can come across Elites with a multitude of affixes. Here is a list of all the affixes that the players can come across;

1. Cold Affixes

Elites can have various cold affixes, such as Cold Enchanted, Chilling Wind, Frozen and Tempest.

These affixes allow the Elites to freeze the enemy, throw ice spikes, create ice pillars, and call forth a wall of icy wind.

2. Fire Affixes

Elite can have various Fire affixes, such as Fire Enchanted, Explosive, and Mortar.

These affixes allow the Elites to throw out fireballs, exploding fireballs and Fire four projectiles.

3. Lightning Affixes

Elites can have several lighting affixes, such as Lightning Enchanted, Electrified Obelisks, Shock Lance, and Teleporter.

Among these, the Electrified Obelisks are something players need to be very wary about.

4. Poison Affixes

Elites can have several poison affixes, such as Poison Enchanted and Plaguebearer.

These affixes allow the Elites to produce a pool of poison when they attack the players and a pool of poison when they die.

5. Shadow Affixes

Elites can have several shadow affixes, such as Shadow Enchanted and Terrifying.

These affixes allow the Elites to create a clone of themselves or summon two pentagrams under the players to cause the debuff fear.

Other than elemental affixes, Elites can possess non-elemental affixes. However, we will not discuss them in this article.

Possible affixes for elites
List of possible affixes on Elites that players can come across.

What Are The Drops From Elite In Diablo 4?

Elite in Diablo 4 drops can range from normal items to Unique items.

Furthermore, players can target and farm certain items from Elite monsters.

Here is the table containing the Elite monsters and their unique item drops;

Lord EonanBlood-Cursed Band RingDeep Forest (Scosglen)
Garbhan EnnalManhunter's BreechesThe Downs
Blind Odwyn Blind Man's Bell AmuletThe Shrouded Moors
Gaspar StilblanOutcast's HandwrapsHighland Wilds
AlmunnInfernal Edge Two-Handed SwordThe Scarred Coast (Dry Steppes)
Bhotak The InevitableNecklace of InevitabilityKhargai Crags
Pitiless GurGur's Freezing Chest ArmorChambatar Ridge
Zarozar the MightyBloodspiller's HelmUntamed Scarps
RotsplinterRing of Splintered WoodPallid Glade (Fractured Peaks)
Sir LynnaDarkblade SwordFrigid Expanse
Corlin HuleStaff of Elemental CommandSeat of the Heavens
"Wrathful" Osgar ReedeMace of Blazing FurorPallid Glade
Abe-MariWand of Abe-MariAmber Sands (Kehjistan)
Faraya TehiGrotesque Loop RingAmber Sands
Nine-EyesBroodmother's Stinger DaggerRagged Coastline
QinielQin's Captivating Eye FocusSouthern Expanese
Renn Dayne & Claudia DayneHaunted CrossbowDismal Foothills (Hawezar)
EnkilEye of Enkil AmuletRotspill Delta
Trembling MassTrembling RingFethis Wetlands
Captain WillcocksCaptain's Ragged BootsBlightmarsh

Here we can see that players can target farm certain unique and legendary items.

However, players cannot expect every unique and Legendary item to be farmable through bosses.

The game heavily focuses on randomly generated numbers to ensure the item drop is fair for every player.

But the game does have various items that have abysmal drop rates.

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The Bottom Line

Elites are enemies who are strong but also rewarding.

However, not all Elites will drop great loots since RNG for items is something Action RPGs excel at the most.

In addition to great loot, Elites are some of the game’s most dangerous enemies.

Thus, whenever you run a dungeon, make sure not to overload it with various affixes.

Hopefully, this article can give you a brief explanation of Elite affixes and their drops.

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