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How To Change Difficulty Settings In Granblue Fantasy Relink?

One of the most appealing aspects of Granblue Fantasy Relink is its flexibility and variety.

The game allows players to adjust and modify their difficulty according to their skills and preferences.

Continue reading to learn how players can customize their gameplay experience in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Granblue Fantasy Relink does not have traditional difficulty settings.

Instead, it has different options for the player to customize their gameplay experience.

These options include:

1. Action Settings

This allows the player to choose how much assistance they want from the game regarding performing skills and combos.

The player can select from no assist, assist mode, or full assist mode.

No Assist

The player must manually activate skills and combos by pressing the corresponding buttons.

This requires more skill and timing and allows more flexibility and control.

There are different options for the player to customize their gameplay experience.

Assist Mode

The game will assist the player with skills and combos, but the player still has some input and choice.

Full Assist Mode

The game will automatically execute skills and combos for the player.

This makes the game more accessible but also less interactive.

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2. Quest Difficulty

This is based on the power level of the player’s equipment and characters.

The power level is calculated based on the total stats of the player’s primary weapon, sub-weapons, and characters.

Generally, the game will recommend a minimum and an optimal power level for each quest.

The player can choose to challenge quests above or below their power level.

Higher the quest difficulty, the more complex the game becomes, as the enemies will have more health and damage.

Further, the quest difficulty affects the rewards and drops that the player can obtain.

As well as the appearance of rare enemies and bosses.

Some quests have special conditions or objectives that may make them more challenging or exciting.

change difficulty
Quest difficulty affects the rewards and drops that the player can obtain.

3. Item Level Upgrading

This is a way for the player to increase their power level by enhancing their equipment and characters.

The player can collect materials and resources from quests and use them to upgrade their items.

Different materials and resources, such as crystals and orbs, are required for different upgrades.

Significantly, upgrading items is not only a way to increase the power level.

Further, it unlocks new skills and abilities for the equipment and characters.

Generally, the higher the item level, the easier the game becomes, as the player will have more stats and abilities.

granblue Fantasy Relink quest
Unlock new skills and abilities for the equipment and characters.

How To Customize Your Gameplay Experience?

Customizing your gameplay experience can make gaming more enjoyable, immersive, and personalized.

Generally, there are different ways to customize your gameplay experience:

1. Adjust The Game Settings

You can change the graphics, sound, controls, difficulty, and other options to optimize your performance and comfort.

For example, you can enable subtitles, turn off motion blur, or invert the camera controls.

2. Use External Tools Or Mods

You can use NVIDIA Freestyle to apply filters and effects to your game or VPNs to access geo-restricted content or servers.

Additionally, you can use mods to add new features, content, or gameplay modes to your game.

select character
You can select your character.

3. Customize In-game Environment And Character

You can change your character’s appearance, outfit, skills, and abilities to reflect your personality and style.

Further, you can decorate your home, vehicle, or base with your favorite items, colors, and themes.

For example, you can create a night mode in Apex Legends or change the sky in ARK: Survival Evolved.

4. Own Path And Actions

You can explore different areas, interact with different characters, and make different choices that affect the game’s outcome.

Moreover, you can create goals and challenges like speedruns, achievements, or role-playing.

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