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How To Deactivate 20 Pieces Of Equipment Using DDOS In MW3?

In MW3, Deactivate 20 pieces of equipment using DDOS is one of the six challenges in the Boys: Supe Siege event.

Moreover, this event allows you to unlock a unique weapon blueprint, The Boys Special LMG, by completing six challenges.

Furthermore, to complete the challenge, you must make 15 purchases at the Buy Station, regardless of what items you buy.

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Deactivate Equipments Using DDOS MW3

DDOS is a new field upgrade that was introduced in the Supe Siege event.

It is a device that emits an electromagnetic pulse that disables nearby enemy equipment and vehicles for a short duration.

It also reveals the location of the affected enemies on the mini-map.

You can find DDOS in the field upgrade menu, and it has a recharge time of 90 seconds.

The challenge is to use DDOS to deactivate 20 pieces of equipment in any multiplayer mode.

Deactivate 20 pieces of equipment using DDOS
Deactivate 20 pieces of equipment using the DDOS challenge in MW3.

Equipment includes items such as mines, claymores, sentries, trophies, ammo boxes, and more.

You can tell if you have successfully deactivated a piece of equipment if you see a blue icon on the screen.

However, the challenge might not track properly, so you might need to do more than 20 to complete it.

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Complete Deactivate 20 Equipment Using DDOS In MW3

There are a few tips and tricks that can help you complete this challenge faster and easier.

Here are some of them:

1. Play In Small Maps

Play on small and chaotic maps, such as Shipment, where you can find more enemies and equipment in close quarters.

You can also play on the Supe’d Up mode, which features Shipment and other small maps with increased health and movement speed.

2. Use Perks And Weapons

Equip perks that help you recharge your field upgrade faster, such as Hardline.

You can also use the Specialist bonus to get all the perks after a kill streak.

Use perks to recharge your field upgrade faster.

Use weapons and attachments that help you spot enemy equipment, such as the Spotter perk and the Thermal Hybrid scope.

You can also use the Hacker perk to hack enemy equipment and turn them against their owners.

3. Use DDOS Near Multiple Enemies

Always be active and look at your surroundings for signs of enemy equipment, such as red lasers, wires, or boxes.

You can also listen for audio cues, such as beeps or clicks, that indicate the presence of equipment.

Use DDOS when you are near multiple enemy equipment or enemies, as it can affect more than one target at a time.

You can also use it to counter enemy vehicles, such as helicopters or tanks, as they count as equipment too.

4. Alternative Ways To Complete The Challenge

Alternatively, you can complete this challenge in Warzone by buying 15 pieces of equipment from the buy station.

This is a glitch that allows you to bypass the DDOS requirement and get the challenge done in one game.

However, this might not work for everyone, and it might be fixed in the future.

Rewards For Completing DDOS Challenge MW3

After you complete this challenge, you will get an emblem as a reward.

However, this is not the only challenge in the Boys: Supe Siege event.

There are five other challenges that you need to complete to unlock the special LMG blueprint.

LMG blueprint
Unlock the special LMG blueprint after completing the Boys Supe Siege event.

The other challenges are:

  1. Get one Operator Heat Vision elimination
  2. Use the MTZ-762 to get 45 kills
  3. Equip the Overkill Vest 5 times and get 2 kills in a single life
  4. Get 15 akimbo kills
  5. Use Lethal Equipment to get 7 kills
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