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Rotate The Triangle Wall In Palworld: Build A Roof

Rotating the triangle wall in Palworld can be a bit tricky, as they don’t always rotate the way you expect them to.

Players who are trying to build an angled roof using the Wooden triangular wall are facing this problem.

Moreover, this can happen when the connecting pieces face the wrong direction.

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Why Is Wooden Triangular Wall Not Rotating?

A wooden triangular wall is a triangle-shaped wall that adds depth and dimension to the roof while building a house.

It serves as the supporting structure for the slanted roof pieces, contributing to the overall architectural design of your shelter.

However, when building a house, players are having trouble with the triangular wall to face the correct way.

wooden triangle wall not rotating
Players are not able to rotate the Triangle wall in Palworld.

Moreover, there are two main reasons why you might not be able to rotate a triangle wall the way you want:

1. Connecting Pieces Facing Wrong Direction

The main reason for being unable to rotate the wall is when one of the connecting pieces is facing the wrong direction.

Further, this can happen even if it doesn’t look like it’s facing the wrong way.

Some objects can be placed facing the wrong direction and force objects placed on top of them to face certain ways.

2. Wall Below Triangle Facing The Wrong Way

This is the most common reason why players can’t rotate a triangle wall.

The wall above which you’re trying to place the triangle may be facing incorrectly so you cannot rotate.

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How To Rotate The Triangle Wall In Palworld?

Though rotating the triangular wall can be a little challenging for players, here are some simple methods to try:

1. Delete And Rebuild

The normal square walls appear to have a set inside/outside, and the triangles only snap one way.

If you’re unsure which piece is causing the issue, you can delete all the pieces touching the triangle wall and then rebuild them one by one.

wooden triangular wall
Trying to place the wall from a different angle to build the roof.

Alternatively, placing a flat roof/second-story floor lets you rotate the triangle.

You can also try removing the ceiling or any other objects that might be in the way.

2. Check Connecting Pieces

Make sure the wall that the triangle wall is connecting to is facing the right direction.

Sometimes, if the wall faces the wrong way, it can prevent the triangle wall from rotating correctly.

Additionally, if any other objects are in the way, try removing them and see if that makes a difference.

3. Try A Different Angle

You can also try placing the triangle wall from a different angle to see if it works.

Sometimes, you can get the triangle wall to rotate the way you want by placing it from a different angle.

For example, if you’re trying to place it on a corner, try placing it from the side first, then rotating it into place.

4. Use Blueprint Mode

If you’re still having trouble, you can try using the blueprint mode.

This allows you to place objects without snapping them to anything, giving you more freedom to rotate them.

How To Build A Roof Using Triangle Wall In Palworld?

After gathering all the required pieces, players can easily build a shelter with an angled roof in Palworld.

  1. Build the basic roof tiles above using the square wooden roof tiles.
  2. Use the slanted roof to get onto the roof by building a bridge piece between the two. This is because placing the roof directly often doesn’t line up.
  3. Build a lower roof off the side like a ramp and do the same on the other side.
  4. Go into disassembly mode and disassemble all the pieces you used to make the roof. This will give you a fully functioning roof.

Many players had trouble rotating the triangle wall in the game but can now easily rotate and build the roof with the simple steps given above.

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