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Ways To Get Fortified Hearth In Granblue Fantasy Relink

The Fortified Hearth in Granblue Fantasy Relink is an item that is used to upgrade the weapons.

Hence, players are searching for an easier approach to getting the item as it’s rare and requires grinding.

Moreover, to obtain this item, you must go through the ” The Saga Continues: Earth” quest and find chests.

Continue to learn more about ways to get the Fortified Hearth in Grandblue Fantasy Relink.

Fortified Hearth is a drop item that can be obtained through the drops that you can receive throughout the quest.

It is one of the rarest items and is the only item that can upgrade the weapon for Cagliostro to 5.

Therefore, this item is one of the crucial items of the game as upgrading the weapon can bring a huge advantage in battles.

So, players grind hours in search of this item by engaging in the ” The Saga Continues: Earth” quest and expecting the drop.

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As said Fortified Hearth can only be found in the chest drop during the Saga Continues quest and is random.

However, you won’t be able to obtain the item on the first try as the item is only included in the drop chests.

This means you must complete the side quests to obtain the chest and defeat the Excavallion works.

Excavallions also drop the chest, which can include the item, but it depends upon your luck as the drop is never specific.

Defeating Escavallion will drop you chest which can contain the fortified Hearth.

How To Obtain Fortified Hearth?

Obtaining this item is not an easy task as you have to go through a long way of the Saga quest and grind.

This quest requires a Zegagrande Legend rank, attained after finishing the Veteran Skyfarer Rank Up Quest.

Side Quests granblue fantasy
Completing side quests ia one of the easy ways of obtaining the Drops and Chests in the game.

Only then can you be assigned and eligible for the quest to reach the drop items in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Follow these steps to obtain the Fortified Hearth in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

1. Activate The Saga Continues: Earth Quest

After reaching the Zegagrande Legend rank, you can access this quest in your quest tab.

Hence, start your quest and your journey towards the Escavillion, the main boss of the quest.

2. Gear Up

Make sure to gear up all the necessary items as the quest journey can always be full of surprises.

So, carry all the required potions and gear up with the strongest armor for the journey of the quest.

3. Complete Side Quests

Remember, completing the side quests from the main quest always grants you rewards like chests and items.

However, the first phase of the side quest will only drop you specific items; you can expect drops from the second phase.

4. Grind For Chests

The fortified hearth is one of the rarest items in the game and is hard to obtain.

Therefore, go through multiple chests by completing side quests and defeating enemies to obtain the item.

5. Look For The Fortified Hearth

Once you grind for the chest, eventually, one of the chests will contain the item, but never expect sooner.

Therefore, have patience and enjoy your journey of the quest while obtaining chests and defeating enemies.

The Fortified Hearth is a material that can be fused with weapons to upgrade its default potential.

In the game, as of today, the item can only be used on the weapon of Cagliostro to upgrade it to level 5.

This item is an infusor that can increase the damage, durability, and power of the weapon.

Therefore, it’s a rare item as the level 5 weapon of the Cagliostro is known to be one of the overpowered weapons in the game. 

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