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Lies Of P Second Boss: Mad Donkey

Mad Donkey is a humanoid boss you will encounter in Elysion Boulevard in Lies of P.

His combat style is characterized by wild and aggressive swings which lack finesse.

Mad Donkey is the second major boss you will come across at Alchemist Bridge in Lies of P. According to players, the best strategy to encounter him is backstabbing.

Continue reading to learn more about the second boss and tricks to defeat him.

Who Is The Second Boss In Lies Of P?

Mad Donkey is the second boss with a long Great Saw found on the Alchemist Bridge on the way to Krat City Hall.

Despite his name, he is not an actual donkey but a human character with a donkey mask and a large, menacing, saw-like weapon.

He is not as strong as other bosses in the game but can be dangerous if you’re not careful enough.

But, he is aggressive and will attack you on sight with his large saw.

Just maintain your distance, dodge his attack, and wait for the right time to backstab him.

When you attack him from behind, he takes more damage, making him vulnerable to backstabs.

You can always try to ease the fight if you struggle to defeat the Mad Donkey.

Lead him back to the Krat Police Puppet earlier in the map; they will fight each other to the death.

mad donkey second boss
Mad Donkey, the second boss in Lies of P.
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How To Defeat The Second Boss In Lies Of P?

You can increase your chance of defeating the second boss by following these steps and adapting your strategies:

1. Backstabbing Opportunity

Timing is important, so look for moments when the Mad Donkey is vulnerable, particularly after its slow overhead swings.

Circle and go behind him, perform backstabs to deal significant damage.

As he is vulnerable to backstabs, you can position yourself correctly and take him down easily.

2. Weapon With Guarding Capabilities 

Equip a suitable weapon or shield with good guarding capabilities.

You can reduce the impact of Mad Donkey’s attacks by raising a shield or using a weapon.

Try to time your guarding perfectly for a perfect guard, which can even break the boss’s weapon.

The Puppet String weapon is powerful; use it to stagger him and create openings for attacks.

3. Observe Attack Patterns

The Mad Donkey has a few basic attacks: a melee slash, a melee swing, a melee uppercut, and a melee combo.

Observe his moments, learn attack patterns, and dodge his moves.

Additionally, he has a Fury Attack, which can be avoided by dodging backward.

If you can parry his attacks, you can break his weapon and shorten the range of his attack.

4. Be Patient And Heal

Though Mad Donkey is an easy boss to defeat, it is important to be patient and not greedy.

Land a few safe hits instead of too many at once, as he can easily counterattack.

Make sure you have enough healing items, and use them wisely when your health is low.

Don’t panic and stay steady, as the fight may require endurance.

Rewards For Defeating The Second Boss

Upon defeating the Mad Donkey, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Enigma Assembly Tool is used to enhance your character’s ability.
  • Mad Donkey’s Haunting Apparel is a cosmetic item to change your appearance.
  • Mad Donkey’s Mask is a unique headgear item resembling the donkey.
  • Hidden moonstones can be used as currency or crafting material, depending on the game’s mechanics.
  • Krat City Hall Key can grant you access to the Krat City Hall.
Rewards For Defeating The Second Boss.

The Bottom Line

Mad Donkey, the second major boss in the Lies of P, is vulnerable to backstabbing.

Patiently, learning his attack patterns and when to dodge, guard, or strike is key to defeating him.

However, Mad Donkey’s difficulty can vary depending on the player’s experience and playstyle.

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