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How To Complete Grave News Investigation In Skull And Bones?

One of the investigation missions in Skull and Bones is Grave News, which involves the mysterious disappearance of a pirate crew.

Investigations are special missions that require players to explore different locations, find clues, and solve mysteries.

Furthermore, to complete the mission players need to travel to the Reef Sea and destroy the Royal Louis.

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What Is Grave News In Skull And Bones?

Grave News is an investigation mission that is unlocked after completing the main mission The Devil’s Gambit.

Moreover, it is where players have to infiltrate a British fort and steal a valuable map.

The map leads to a treasure hidden by a pirate named Caradec, who was rumored to have betrayed his crew with the loot.

The mission starts with a letter from Scurlock, a pirate leader who hires the player to find out what happened to Caradec.

Grave News
Grave News Investigation mission in Skull and Bones.

Furthermore, Scurlock provides the player with a copy of the map and some clues to follow.

The map shows a location called Reef Sea, Red Isle, where Caradec’s ship, the Royal Louis, was last seen.

Likewise, the player has to travel to this area and look for signs of the ship and its crew.

The map also shows an X mark on the Royal Burial Ground, an outpost on the Red Isle, where the treasure is buried.

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Steps To Complete Grave News In Skull And Bones

To complete Grave News, the player has to follow these steps:

1. Travel To Reef Sea

Travel to Reef Sea, Red Isle, and look for the Royal Louis.

However, the ship is guarded by a British patrol, so the player has to either fight or sneak past them.

The player can also use the spyglass to scan the area and identify the ship.

2. Destroy Royal Louis

The player has to sink the ship and board it to collect its contents, which include some gold, supplies, and a treasure map.

Moreover, the treasure map is the same as the one Scurlock gave but with some additional details and hints.

Royal Louis
Go to the Red Isle and destroy the Royal Louis.

3. Follow The treasure map

The player has to sail to the western coast of the Red Isle, where the outpost is located.

Furthermore, the player can dock the ship and go ashore to search for the treasure.

4. Find Treasure At The Royal Burial Ground

The player has to use the clues on the treasure map to locate the exact spot where the treasure is buried.

Likewise, the clues include a drawing of a cross and a staff.

The player has to look for a cross and a staff near a palm plant, where the treasure is marked by a yellow light.

Similarly, the player has to dig up the treasure, which is a chest containing a large amount of gold and a letter from Caradec.

Find the treasure
Find the treasure at the Royal Burial Ground.

Other Investigation Missions In Skull And Bones

Grave News is not the only investigation mission in Skull and Bones.

Moreover, there are several other investigation missions that the player can take on, each with its own story, clues, and rewards.

Some of the other investigation missions are:

  1. Freeman’s Lost Treasure
  2. Turning the Page
  3. The Fall of Lanitra
  4. Mentari of the Unbound
  5. Ambush

These are some of the investigation missions that the player can enjoy in Skull and Bones, along with the main story.

Investigation missions are a great way to explore the world of Skull and Bones and learn more about its lore and history.

Similarly, they also add some challenges, as the player has to use their skills and intelligence to solve the mysteries.

Investigation missions are one of the features that make Skull and Bones a unique and immersive pirate game.

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