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How To Obtain Legendary Map In Skull And Bones?

Skull and Bones introduces a Cutthroat Cargo Hunts event which is all about finding the Legendary Treasure Map.

The Legendary Treasure map is the key to unlocking some of the valuable treasures in Skull and Bones.

Players must participate in this event and compete with each other to be the first to claim the hidden treasure.

Continue reading to find out more about how to obtain the Legendary treasure map in Skull and Bones.

Legendary Treasure Map In Skull And Bones

The legendary treasure map is a special item that players can obtain during certain PvP (player versus player) in Skull and Bones.

Furthermore, the Legendary Treasure Map is different from than regular Treasure Map as it is very difficult to find.

Legendary treasure in Skull and Bones
Players must utilize the legendary treasure map to find and claim the legendary treasure.

In Skull and Bones, players can obtain the legendary treasure map during events known as Cutthroat Cargo Hunts.

The Cutthroat Cargo Hunts is an event in Skull and Bones that offers players the chance to compete against each other for valuable loot.

Cutthroat Cargo Hunt In Skull And Bones

When a Cutthroat Cargo Hunt event begins in Skull and Bones, you must act quickly to join the event.

As you enter the event, the primary objective is to be the first one to find and claim the Legendary Treasure map.

Every single player in the event has one goal and that is to obtain the legendary treasure map.

So, there will be high competition and constant threats in the journey of finding the map as everyone wants it.

Hence, the Cutthroat Cargo Hunt event will take you on a thrilling journey where players compete and kill each other for the map.

Clues On The Legendary Treasure Map

After the player finds and obtains the legendary treasure map, they have to figure out its clues to find a secret port.

The tricky part about the hidden port is it will change every time a player gets the Legendary treasure map.

Hence, this element of surprise and unpredictability makes the treasure hunt more exciting in Skull and Bones.

By determining the clues on the Legendary Treasure map, players can successfully find the secret hidden port.

1. Discover Secret Hidden Port

The secret Hidden Port is a place which is full of legendary treasures in Skull and Bones.

As players follow the clues that lead to the secret port, they will discover legendary loot waiting for them.

The legendary loot can include rare and powerful weapons, strong armour, and fashionable clothes.

Hence, obtaining the Legendary loot with the help of a legendary treasure map enhances the player’s capabilities in the game.

2. Secure The Legendary Treasure 

Obtaining the legendary treasure map and claiming all the legendary treasures is not a piece of cake.

Furthermore, other players will try their best to snatch the legendary map away from you.

So even after obtaining the map, it is important to be able to avoid other players from stealing it from you.

The best way to do this is to win the PVP battles that occur frequently after you obtain the Legendary treasure map.

How To Get The Legendary Treasure Map?

To obtain the Legendary Treasure map in Skulls and Bones, the first step is to go to the Mother of Ship Island.

Furthermore, you must grab the Pirate Boost from the Mother ship Island to help you fuel up for your journey.

The pirate stamina boost helps by regenerating stamina for 20 minutes after exiting the combat area.

Next, you must begin the Cutthroat Cargo Reef Sea Hunt in Skull and Bones.

However, to begin the sea hunt for the legendary treasure map the minimum ship rank must of level 5.

When you are sailing the sea, look for a red flare-up in the sky.

Legendary map in skull and bones
Pick up the red flare to obtain the legendary treasure map in Skull and Bones.

The red flare will eventually drop into the sea which turns out to be the Cutthroat cargo.

Next, you must pick up the Cutthroat cargo and secure the item by bringing it to the target destination.

The Cutthroat Cargo contains the legendary treasure map which takes you to the legendary treasure.

Getting Legendary Treasure In Skull And Bones

You must sail to the north part of the map to the island that looks like an upside-down boot on the map.

Hence, this will take you to the Dragon’s back island which has the hidden treasure.

You must read the legendary treasure map and dig up the treasure chest to obtain legendary treasures.

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