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How To Unlock Halloween Items In Sorcerer Battlegrounds?

Sorcerer Battlegrounds of Roblox recently came up with an exciting Halloween update.

Players can receive exclusive and unique rewards while progressing through or completing the event.

Players must collect a number of candies by completing quests and beating the players. With the candies, players can unlock the emotes, costume and moveset by approaching the Halloween Spirit in Sorcerer Battlegrounds.

Continue reading about the Halloween Sorcerer Battlegrounds and the process to unlock the event.

Halloween Sorcerer Battlegrounds: Overview

The Halloween season is just around the circle; however, Sorcerer Battleground has already come up with a Halloween event.

Players can explore the new Halloween map and unlock the characters with Halloween movesets.

Moreover, players can earn various items by completing the quests granted by the NPCs throughout the map.

With the candy, players can unlock emotes, movesets, and cosmetics from the vendor.

Unlock the Mysteries In Halloween Sorcerer Battlegrounds

If players are willing to explore the latest Halloween update in Sorcerer Battlegrounds, follow the procedure;

1. Find Hcikou

With the Halloween update, players should initially approach an NPC to perform quests.

Players will find the Janitor near a bunch of graffiti in the fun park.

Approach the Janitor to get the Quest.

2. Start The Quest

Players should approach the Janitor and agree to complete the Quest.

Initially, players must start by mopping and scrubbing the floor and collecting the trash on the way.

After progressing through the quests, players will get candies that come in handy while purchasing.

Players can also defeat other players to earn themselves a number of candies; one kill will provide three candies.

3. Head Towards The Halloween Zone

While exploring the map, players must find a Halloween-oriented area with a red exterior.

Enter the Halloween area.

The sky will suddenly get darker after stepping in, where players will find a bunch of pumpkins and an NPC under the giant spider web.

4. Approach Pumpkin Spirit

After interacting with the Pumpkin Spirit, the vendor will ask players about the candies.

Ensure to select the I Have Some Candy option to continue the purchase.

Players must spend 75 candies to buy an emote, whereas the costume will be worth around 150.

The emote and costume are pretty appealing and definitely worth the spending.

Players should collect more candies by completing the quests, beating the enemies and buying the moveset for 3000 candies or 2.6 Robux.

Otherwise, players can also buy the candy from the store for a couple of dollars. 

After buying the Movement, players will get a Neckbreaker ability and an Unyielding barrier.

Halloween movement sorcerer battlegrounds
Use the first Halloween moveset.

The first move is throwing a pumpkin on the head, and the second will deploy a broom attack.

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The Bottom Line

Players can get a bunch of time from the Spirit vendor after entering the Halloween Zone. 

However, players should carefully spend the candies as the two Movement sets for 3000 candies are not worth the hassle.

Getting the movesets are not tricky but are incredibly time-consuming.

Hence, players must choose the emote or get the Halloween customer from their investment.

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