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How To Get Into The Haunted House In Bloxburg?

Bloxburg is a Roblox game where players can build homes, businesses, and communities.

Further, players can build and explore a haunted house in the new game update.

Every year on Halloween, Bloxburg hosts a unique event called the Haunted House. Ghosts, Goblins, and other terrifying creatures gather in this eerie and gloomy house. To get into this house, you need to complete some quests Sabrina gave and achieve the house’s key.

This article discusses the haunted house and how to get into the haunted house in Bloxburg.

Introduction To Haunted House In Bloxburg

The haunted house in Bloxburg is a unique attraction that is part of the Halloween update for the game.

Players can find it at the Plenty O’ Pumpkins & Orchard farm, which also has a pond, corn maze, pumpkin field, and cave.

Moreover, you must perform various tasks set out by Sabrina.

Sabrina is a witch who lives next to the farm to obtain the key to the haunted mansion, which is locked.

Also, in exchange for your help, Sabrina will give you certain potions that can give you various abilities.

These abilities include speed, jumping, and invisibility.

haunted house blox burg
The haunted house in Bloxburg is a fun and spooky mission.

Moreover, you may explore the haunted home by yourself or with your companions, and it is full of eerie décor and surprises.

Also, to decorate your home for Halloween, you can discover furniture and other products at the store.

The haunted house is a fantastic place to celebrate Halloween and have a good time with friends.

However, it is crucial to remember that the haunted home may be rather frightening.

Therefore, it is not advised for minor children or players who are easily alarmed.

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Get Into The Haunted House In Bloxburg

To get into the haunted house in Bloxburg, you need to fulfill a series of events given by Sabrina.

Sabrina is a witch who lives near the Plenty O’ Pumpkins & Orchard.

Sabrina bloxburg haunted house
You must talk to Sabrina to find ways to get into the haunted house.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, go to the Plenty O’ Pumpkins & Orchard and attempt to unlock the Halloween Haunted Mansion‘s entrance. There, you’ll get a message telling you that you must first speak with Sabrina.
  2. After that, speak with Sabrina in her tent. She will explain that you must bring her the Potion Recipe Book and that she wants your assistance to produce some potions.
  3. Next, proceed to the barn and scale the haystacks there. The Potion Recipe Book is located on a shelf. Return it to Sabrina after picking it up.

Gather Required Components

Sabrina will ask you to gather some components for her potions.

You’ll need to track down a frog, a bat wing, a pumpkin, and a spider web. Their locations are as follows:

  • The Corn Maze has a spider web: You can access the maze from the Barn’s left side. If you continue on the trail, you will come to a dead end with a spider web on the wall. To take it, simply click on it.
  • The pumpkin is in the patch of pumpkins. Additionally, you can locate it next to the Plenty O’ Pumpkins & Orchard entrance. To gather a pumpkin, locate one with a green stem and click on it.
  • The Cave contains the bat wing: The cave is next to the bridge, behind the waterfall. Follow the trail after entering the cave until you see a bat hanging from the ceiling. Pick up its wing by clicking on it.
  • The Frog is in the pond: It is close to the bridge that connects to the Cave, and click on the frog sitting on a lily pad to gather it.

Finally, return to Sabrina with all the materials, and she will prepare three options for you:

  • A leap potion
  • An invisibility potion
  • A potion that increases speed

Additionally, the key she gives you will let you into the Halloween Haunted House.

Moreover, you can use the potions to have fun and explore the house.

The Bottom Line

To enter the haunted house in Bloxburg, help Sabrina the witch make potions and get the key.

Use the options to explore the spooky mansion and have fun.

Additionally, you can find Halloween items and furniture in the shop.

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