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The Ones That Got Away Dreamlight Valley: Quest Guide

Dreamlight Valley has multiple friendship quests, including The Ones That Got Away.

It revolves around the character Goofy and strange fishes while exploring the magical Eternity Isle.

In Dreamlight Valley, The Ones That Got Away is a quest given by Goofy that requires collecting strange fishes around the Eternity Isle. Players should catch two of each of the fishes: Dunebopper, Robot Fish and Prisma Shrimp.

Continue reading to learn more about The Ones That Got Away Quest and how to complete it in Dreamlight Valley.

What Is The Ones That Got Away In Dreamlight Valley?

The new expansion of Dreamlight Valley, A Rift in Time, has come up with the new Eternity Isle.

Players can explore multiple exciting quests and objectives in this Isle.

The Ones That Got Away is a character friendship quest given by the Goofy in the Eternity Isle.

Further, Goofy is fascinated with the fishes around the isle and seeks help from players during the quest.

The Ones That Got Away Quest in Dreamlight Valley
The Ones That Got Away is a quest by the character Goofy in Dreamlight Valley.

Likewise, the main objective is to catch some strange fish around the isle.

Additionally, the fish can be hard to locate or require some special technique.

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How To Complete The Ones That Got Away In Dreamlight Valley?

Players must catch some strange fishes around the isle to complete the quests.

For this quest, players need to catch two of each of the following fish:

1. Dunebopper

The Dunebopper fish is found around the Oasis in the Glittering Dunes.

Players should focus more on the blue bubbles to catch this fish.

Further, it is difficult to catch due to its high swimming speed.

Dunebopper fish for The Ones That Got Away
Fishing Dunebopper in the Oasis in The Dunes.

It requires a fishing rod upgraded to level 3 with the ‘Sparkling Bauble‘ upgrade.

2. Robot Fish

The Robot Fish is found in the red bubbles that spawn randomly in the docks.

To catch the fish, players should do as much fishing as possible.

Robot Fish
Players should catch Robot fish to complete the The Ones That Got Away quest.

3. Prisma Shrimp

Players can catch Prisma Shrimp in the Dazzle Beach Cave pool.

It is difficult to catch due to its rarity and aggressive behavior so it needs the fishing rod upgraded to level 4.

Further, players should focus on the red bubbles and catch with the ‘Electro Bait’ fishing rod upgrade.

Rewards For The Ones That Got Away Quest

After you catch all the fish, bring everything to Goofy to claim all the rewards for completing his quest.

Talk to Goofy and confirm that you want to give all the fish to him.

Giving the fishes to Goofy
Players should select Give to give every fish caught to Goofy.

Further, when you give Goofy the fish he wants, he’ll ask to make a recipe from any of the fish.

You have the option to cook any meal either Robot Fish Stew, Dunebopper Sandwich, or Prisma Shrimp Pie.

Likewise, you have to tell Goofy about the meal to get the rewards. 

Players earn many rewards after completing the quests such as 100 x Star coins, Dreamlight, and Friendship points with Goofy. 

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Ones That Got Away is an interesting quest that helps to enhance the gameplay experience.

Players should catch three different fish and give it to Goofy to complete his objectives.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to complete this quest and claim all the exciting rewards.

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