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Helldivers 2 Best Loadout: REC-6 Demolisher And AD-289

In Helldivers 2, the best loadout consists of a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, four stratagems, and armor.

Players can choose and create a powerful and effective loadout depending on the play style and the mission difficulty.

Continue reading to know the best loadouts for Helldivers 2 and how to customize them.

A Loadout In Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, a loadout combines weapons, perks, and stratagems you can equip before each mission. 

Generally, you may communicate with your teammates and choose loadouts to help you achieve your objectives together.

1. Damage Dealer

Use the Thunderer Orbital Laser with the REC-6 Demolisher for the damage dealer

Significantly, it is a powerful explosive charge that can destroy most enemies in one hit.

However, the Thunderer is too slow and unreliable for this role, and the Demolisher does not require ammo.

Rec 6
Use the Thunderer Orbital Laser with the REC-6 Demolisher.

2. The Tank

Use the Shield Generator with the SH-20 Shield Generator Pack for the tank.

Generally, it is a backpack item that provides a personal shield that protects you from crowd control effects and small arms fire.

The Shield Generator stratagem is too stationary and vulnerable for a tank.

Further, the SH-20 also frees up a stratagem slot for something else, like a reinforcement or a heavy strafing run.

3. The Support

For the support, choose the LMG-32 Machine Gun over the Shotgun.

Nevertheless, it has more range and accuracy and can suppress enemies with its high fire rate.

The Shotgun is more suited for close-quarters combat, which is risky for support.

Further, replace the Orbital Laser Defense with the AD-289 Angel, a backpack item that heals you and your allies automatically.

Moreover, the Orbital Laser Defense is too situational and can harm your teammates if they are not careful.

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How Loadout Affects Gameplay In HellDivers 2?

The best loadouts often complement each other and work well together in Helldivers 2.

Thus, a loadout can affect various aspects of your gameplay, such as:

1. Damage Output

The weapons and stratagems you choose can determine how much damage you can deal to different types of enemies.

For example, some weapons are more effective against armored foes, while others are better for piercing shields.

2. Survivability

The perks and stratagems you choose can influence how well you can withstand enemy attacks and environmental hazards.

For example, some perks can increase your health, armor, or resistance, while some stratagems can provide healing, shielding, or evasion.

shield generator
A shield generator is one of the best loadouts.

3. Teamwork

The weapons and stratagems you choose can also affect how well you can cooperate with your teammates.

For example, some weapons and stratagems can support your allies by providing buffs, cover, or crowd control.

Regardless, others can harm them by causing friendly fire or collateral damage.

How To Customize A Powerful Loadout In Helldivers 2?

To customize your loadout in Helldivers 2, access the Armory on your Destroyer

Generally, this is located between the War Room and Ship Management.

Inside, you can open the customization menu by pressing a button on your controller or keyboard.

There are four types of customization you can do:

1. Weapon Loadout

You can choose your primary, secondary, and grenade weapons. 

Significantly, you can unlock more weapons by earning medals or finding them in the field.

2. Armor Loadout

You can change your helmet, body armor, and cape.

However, each piece of armor has different stats that affect your health, resistance, damage, and defense. 

You can unlock more armor by earning medals or buying them with super credits.

helldivers 2 best loadout
AD-289 Angel is a backpack item that heals you and your allies automatically.

3. Character Features

You can change your body type and voice pack.

Additionally, you can customize your emotes, victory poses, and player cards. 

Moreover, you can unlock more features by playing the game.

4. Stratagems

You can select up to four stratagems to use during missions.

Generally, stratagems are special abilities that can restock ammo, call down weapons, or wipe out enemies.

You can unlock more stratagems by earning requisition slips or finding samples.

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