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Strafing Techniques In MW3: Sideways Domination

Strafing is a versatile skill in various scenarios, making you a well-rounded and influential player in MW3.

Moreover, it is not just about dodging bullets but is a fundamental skill.

Strafing is a fundamental movement technique in the first-person shooter game MW3, which involves moving side-to-side while aiming or shooting at a specific target.

Continue reading to learn more about Strafing, its benefits, and how to strafe effectively in MW3.

What Is Strafing In MW3?

Strafing is when you move sideways while engaging enemies instead of just running at them; you wiggle left and right.

Even while moving, you can maintain your aim on the target, especially when aiming down sights (ADS).

Therefore, this maneuver serves multiple purposes, including:

  • Evasion: Strafing makes it harder for opponents to predict your movement and land their shots. This makes you a more difficult target to hit by constantly changing your position.
  • Accuracy: Strafing can also help you improve your aim by allowing you to fine-tune your positioning while you’re firing. You can adjust your crosshair to perfectly track your opponent’s movement by moving side-to-side.
  • Flanking: Strafing can outmaneuver opponents and catch them off guard. You can gain an advantageous position and surprise enemies by strafing around corners or obstacles.
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Benefits Of Strafing In MW3

Strafing in MW3 offers several benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  • By continuously moving sideways, you disrupt the enemy’s aim and reduce the likelihood of getting hit.
  • Strafing, especially when aiming down sights, allows you to stay accurate and engage enemies effectively.
  • It lets you navigate the battlefield with agility, making it easier to outmaneuver opponents and control engagements.
  • When facing the enemy one-on-one, it can make you a more challenging target, giving you more time to eliminate the opponent.
  • Strafing prevents you from moving in a straight line, making it more challenging for opponents to anticipate your next move.
  • Hence, it allows you to control the engagement by choosing angles that favor you, making it easier to catch opponents off guard.

How To Get Strafing Kills In MW3?

Strafing kills in MW3 involve movement, aiming, and strategic play.

Here are some tips on how to get Strafing kills:

  1. Head to a less intense area of the map to practice, which can make you comfortable with the side-to-side movement.
  2. When you are not aiming, Strafe to maintain mobility and stay elusive while shooting from the hip.
  3. Straight while aiming down sights to keep your shots accurate while making you a moving target.
  4. Combine Strafe with cover to peek out, take shots, and return to safety quickly, as this will minimize exposure to enemy fire.
  5. Use the Stalker Boots perk to increase Strafing and ADS movement speed.
strafing and ADS movement speed
The Stalker Boots perk increases your Strafing and ADS movement speed.
  1. Attachments like XRK Edge under barrel or attachments that improve ADS movement speed can complete your strafing playstyle.
  2. The attachments you use on your weapon also play an essential role.

For example, in the DG-58 Assault Rifle, you’ll need to get ten kills while ADS and strafing with the weapon to unlock the Forged mastery camo.

You can use the attachments, like the XRK Edge under-barrel and Hardened stock.

use the attachments, like the XRK Edge under barrel
You can use the attachments, like the XRK Edge under-barrel in DG-58 Assault Rifle.

When focusing on strafing challenges, Hardcore is beneficial as enemies have lower health, making it easy to secure kills.

Therefore, adjust your movements based on the map, enemy positions, and current objectives.

The Bottom Line

Strafing makes enemies struggle to aim at you since you’re not moving predictably.

Furthermore, Strafing can increase evasion, improve aim, outmaneuver opponents, and ultimately win more matches.

Hence, some challenges in MW3 require strafing kills, and mastering this technique can make these challenges more achievable.

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