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Cyber Engine Tweaks Not Working: Possible Fix

Cyber Engine Tweaks in Cyberpunk 2077 is a tool that players can use to script with the help of Lua.

However, many players are reporting that it is not working correctly.

To fix the Cyber Engine Tweaks not working problem, ensure that you have installed the latest version of Cyber Engine Tweaks from GitHub and correctly installed it from the Installation guide.

Read on to discover more about the Cyber Engine Tweaks, why it is not working, and how to fix it.

What Is Cyber Engine Tweaks?

Cyber Engine Tweaks is a mode manager for Cyberpunk 2077.

It also features a UI to configure different existing mods and use the console directly.

press the key bind
Once you press the key bind for the mod menu, you will see a UI from which you can apply the mod.

Additionally, you can get the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod from the Nexusmods website.

To use this tool, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Download the Cyber Engine Tweaks from the Github or Nexus.
  2. Place the folder in the game’s directory and unzip it there.
  3. You will find the Cyber Engine Tweaks file in teh 64x folder of your install directory.
  4. Turn off all the third-party apps that overlay the game and launch the game.
  5. Then, choose a pivotal bind to open the overlay to bring out the mod options.
  6. After this, ensure you have a mod folder in the game directory; if not, create and name it Mod.
  7. This is where all your Mod to the game goes. Moreover, you have to copy the bin folder from the unzipped file.
  8. Once it is done, you will successfully run the Mod on the game.

This is the manual installation for your mode, however, you can use a vortex.

 While using it, you must use challenging link deployment.

Players use the Cyber Engine Tweaks to manage and customize various mod profiles simultaneously.

However, due to a recent update, players report that their Cyber Engine Tweaks are not working correctly.

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How To Fix Cyber Engine Tweaks Not Working?

There can be various reasons why players are facing this problem in Cyberpunk.

Here are some possible fixes to this problem:

1. Reinstall The Cyber Engine Tweaks

One reason why Cyber Engine is not working can be due to its outdated version.

You can check the version in Github or Nexusmods.

The old version will hold the mods with the old file, which can cause issues in Cyber Engine Tweaks.

Therefore, you can remove the files by deleting the bin file of the game’s directory and placing the new one or reinstalling the application.

Cyber Engine Tweaks Not Working
You must copy the bin file to the games directly.

Once you reinstall the Cyber Engine Tweaks, add the mods one by one until you find the one Mod that breaks the Cyber Engine Tweaks.

Sometimes, the Mod can break the Cyber Engine Tweaks and change the color of the overlay if they are not up-to-date.

2. Ensure That Cyber Engine Tweaks Are Installed Properly

If the Cyber Engine Tweaks are not working correctly, this can be caused by the corrupted files.

This does not mean that the file contains viruses or malware, but it means that you have not installed the Cyber Engine Tweaks properly.

While installing Cyber Engine Tweaks manually, copy the bin file to the game directory’s mod folder.

Additionally, if you install Cyber Engine Tweaks through Vortex, ensure you enable challenging link deployment.

Hardlink ensures that the installed Mod is automatically deployed when the game launches.

Furthermore, ensure you are using the latest version of the Vortex plugin.

3. Other Small Fix You Can Try

Check if your game’s resolution is in Full-screen mode. If it is full screen, change it to Windowed Borderless mode.

When you set fullscreen, it will generally make Cyberpunk a top-priority application on the screen.

This prevents other applications from showing the overlay.

Hence preventing Cyber Engine Tweaks from working, run the game as administrator.

Make sure that the anti-virus is not removing the Cyber Engine Tweaks.

The Bottom Line

Cyber Engine Tweaks is the tool to install the Mod on your Cyberpunk 2077 game.

However, recently, players have reported that this tool is not working correctly.

This problem can be caused by tools’ outdated versions or corrupted files.

Furthermore, there may also be some bugs due to some new updates.

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