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List Of Best Weapons For Automatons In Helldivers 2

Automatons are formidable enemies in Helldivers 2 and taking them down requires using the best weapons in the game.

Furthermore, players must use a combination of strategy and firepower from powerful weapons to defeat the automatons.

You can take down these robotic enemies and dominate the battlefield with the right weapons and tactics.

Continue reading to learn more about the best weapons for killing automatons in Helldivers 2.

What Are Automatons In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, choosing the right weapons can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Furthermore, players must choose the best weapons as they decide the battle pace and make you win or lose.

There are a lot of tough enemies and aliens in Helldivers 2 that you must kill to progress in the game.

Among all the other bugs and aliens, automatons robots are robust with impressive firepower and strength in Helldivers 2.

Automatons robots are formidable enemies so you must select the best weapons for killing them.

Automatons in Helldivers 2
Automatons are very powerful robots in Helldivers 2 that have impressive firepower and strength.

Before you gear up with the best weapons, it is necessary to understand the nature of the threat from the automatons robots.

The automatons robots are a real deal when it comes to enemies as they are resilient and require powerful weaponry to defeat.

In addition, they come in various forms from agile drones to heavily armored tanks.

Some examples of Automatons are Trooper, Raider, Marauder, Commissar, Scout Strider, Berserker, Devastator, Hulk, TanK, Dropship etc.

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Best Weapons To Kill Automatons In Helldivers 2

Each of the automatons robots comes with unique sets of challenges so players must be ready with the right weapons for it.

So the best weapons you can use for taking down automatons in Helldivers 2 are as follows:

1. The Railgun For Automatons

Railgun is a powerful gun in Helldivers 2 that has precision and power.

Furthermore, Railgun has high damage output and precise aim that makes it an effective weapon in Helldivers 2.

However, the railgun may not knock the automatons out in a single shot.

But, you can use the railgun in unsafe mode to kill the automatons in the battle.

Rail gun to take down automatons'
Players can use a railgun in unsafe mode to take down automatons in Helldivers 2.

In unsafe mode, the railgun can charge beyond normal and can shoot stronger than usual.

The overloading of the Railgun can deal heavy damage to the enemy but it can also deal damage to you.

Hence, the railgun explodes when it charges beyond its capacity and can potentially kill both the enemy and the players themselves.

2. The SG-225 Breaker Shotgun

During close-range combat against the automatons, the SG-225 Breaker Shotgun is the best weapon choice.

The SG-225  Breaker Shotgun has an impressive rate of fire which makes it shoot faster and also within a wide range.

So it is perfect for tearing through the automatons at close range in Helldivers 2.

Additionally, the breaker shotgun is great at staggering enemies which helps keep the battlefield under control.

3. DMR And Laser Rifle

DMR and Laser rifles are also great choices of weapons for taking down the formidable automatons robots.

Furthermore, DMR and Laser rifles have high-precision and damage output which makes them effective for taking out automatons from afar.

Hence, you must aim for the vulnerable spots of the automatons as it will be easier to take them down.

4. The Orbital Strikes 

When you are against a swarm of automatons in Helldivers 2, using orbital strikes and air support is the best option.

Hence, if you drop bombs from the sky against a lot of automatons charging at you, it can be a game-changer.

Therefore, players must focus on using Eagle Air Strikes and Orbital bombardments to wipe out a crowd of automatons at once.

5. The Shield Generator

Besides having strong weapons, it is important to have a good defence when facing automatons in Helldivers 2.

Furthermore, the Shield Generator is like a protective wall that keeps you safe from enemy attacks.

The best part about the shield generator is you can maintain a defensive position while you shoot at the automatons robots.

Hence, It’s like having a shield that blocks their bullets, making it easier to fight back.

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