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How To Defeat Helldivers 2 Scout Striders?

One of the factions in Helldivers 2 is the Automatons and among them, one of the most challenging enemies is the Scout Striders.

Furthermore, Scout Striders are bipedal mechs that can fire at you from a distance and move quickly on their long legs.

However, to defeat them players need to aim for their legs which is the weak point of the Scout Striders.

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What Are Scout Striders In Helldivers 2?

Scout Striders are one of the ten types of Automaton in Helldivers 2, along with Trooper, Raider, Berserker, etc.

They stand three times taller than a Helldiver, but they don’t tower over the battlefield.

Their ability to deal damage from afar while remaining relatively safe is what makes them a formidable threat.

Scout Striders
Scout Striders in Helldivers 2

Scout Striders are equipped with a machine gun and a rocket launcher, which they use to fire at Helldivers from afar.

They can also use their legs to stomp on nearby enemies, dealing massive damage.

Scout Striders are usually accompanied by other Automatons, such as Brawlers, or Marauders, making them even more dangerous.

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How To Defeat Scout Striders In Helldivers 2?

The only way to deal with Scout Striders in Helldivers 2 is by shooting them with everything available.

The Automaton riding the Scout Strider can be killed quickly to take them down if players are fast.

If they’re not, going for the legs is the best option to bring them down.

If one of them fails, the entire robot will collapse, as they are not strong enough to support its weight.

Shoot at legs
Shoot at Scout Strider’s legs to defeat them.

However, shooting at Scout Striders is not easy, as they have a lot of armor and can dodge bullets with their agile movements.

They can also retaliate with their powerful weapons, which can shred Helldivers in seconds.

Therefore, players need to use cover, teamwork, and strategy to take them out.

One effective tactic is to flank the Scout Striders and attack them from different angles.

This will force them to split their attention and expose their weak spots.

Another tactic is to use explosives, such as grenades, rockets, or Stratagems, to deal a lot of damage to them.

Some Stratagems, such as the Orbital Strike or the Railgun, can even kill them in one hit if timed well.

Weaknesses Of Scout Striders

Scout Striders may seem invincible, but they do have some weaknesses that Helldivers can exploit.

The most obvious one is their legs, which are their main source of mobility and stability.

If players can destroy one or more of their legs, they will cripple the Scout Strider and make it an easy target.

Another weakness of Scout Striders is their size.

They are very large and conspicuous, which makes them easy to spot and hard to hide.

They also have a limited turning radius, which means they can’t change direction quickly.

This makes them vulnerable to flanking maneuvers and surprise attacks.

A third weakness of Scout Striders is their reliance on their rider.

The rider is the one who controls the Scout Strider and its weapons.

If the rider is killed, the Scout Strider will become inactive and harmless.

The rider is also less armored than the rest of the Scout Strider, which means they can be killed with fewer shots.

Kill 20 Scout Striders In Helldivers 2

Kill 20 Scout Striders in Helldivers 2 is a daily challenge where you need to find Scout Striders and kill 20 of them.

Scout Striders are found on the Automaton planets, which are located on the other side of the galactic map from the Terminid planets.

You can access the Automaton planets by pressing the right arrow key on the map screen.

Automaton planets
Scout Striders are found on the Automaton planets.

The Automaton planets have different difficulty levels, ranging from 1 to 12.

The higher the difficulty, the more enemies and hazards you will face.

Scout Striders will appear on any difficulty level but be more frequent and aggressive on higher levels.

This guarantees you will encounter enough Scout Striders to complete the challenge.

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