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Helldivers 2 Liberator Explosive: How To Get?

In Helldivers 2, the Liberator Explosive is one of the weapons that players can unlock, a variant of the default assault rifle.

Furthermore, the game features a variety of weapons and equipment that can be used to customize your loadout and combat style.

Moreover, to get the Liberator Explosive in Helldivers 2, players need to collect 20 medals to unlock it.

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What Is The Liberator Explosive In Helldivers 2?

The Liberator Explosive is an assault rifle that fires explosive bullets that deal extra damage and have a small splash radius.

Unlike the standard Liberator, the Liberator Explosive has a slower rate of fire and increased recoil, making it more difficult to control.

However, it compensates with higher damage per bullet, making it effective in medium-range engagements.

AR-23E Liberator Explosive
AR-23E Liberator Explosive in Helldivers 2.

The Liberator Explosive is best suited for players who prefer a defensive playstyle and like to hold positions and create a line of fire.

The weapon can deal significant damage to enemies, especially bugs, and has some armor-piercing capabilities.

However, it is not very good at long-range or close-quarters combat due to its slower fire rate and recoil.

It also requires careful ammo management, as it has only 10 magazines.

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Getting Liberator Explosive In Helldivers 2

The Liberator Explosive is one of the weapons that players can unlock through the Warbond system, which is similar to a battle pass.

The Warbond system allows players to earn medals by playing the game and completing missions, objectives, and challenges.

Get the premium Warbond
Get the premium Warbond to unlock the AR-23E Liberator Explosive.

Players can then use these medals to unlock various collections of cosmetics, armor, and weapons.

The Liberator Explosive is part of the Explosive Collection, which costs 20 medals to unlock.

Collect 20 medals
Collect 20 medals to unlock AR-23E Liberator Explosive.

The Explosive Collection also includes the M-25 Rumbler, a portable mortar, and the REC-6 Demolisher, a satchel charge.

To get the Liberator Explosive, players need to save up enough medals and purchase the Explosive Collection from the Warbond menu.

Uses Of The Liberator Explosive In Helldivers 2

The Liberator Explosive is a weapon that can be useful in certain situations and against certain enemies.

Here are some of the uses of the Liberator Explosive in Helldivers 2:

1. High Damage

Liberator Explosive can deal high damage to enemies with weak points, such as medium bugs and cyborg tanks.

The explosive bullets can hit the weak points and cause extra damage, making it more efficient than the standard Liberator.

High damage
Liberator Explosive can deal high damage to enemies.

2. Multiple Targets

It can cause some splash damage to enemies that are clustered together, such as the small bugs and the illuminate scouts.

Similarly, the bullets can hit multiple targets at once, making the weapon more effective than the standard Liberator.

3. Crowd Control

Moreover, it can provide some crowd control and suppression to enemies, such as the bug warriors and the cyborg hounds.

The explosive bullets can slow down and stagger the enemies, making the weapon more useful than the standard Liberator.

Drawback And Limitation Of Liberator Explosive

The Liberator Explosive also has some drawbacks and limitations that players should know.

Here are some of the disadvantages of the Liberator Explosive in Helldivers 2:

1. High Recoil With Low Accuracy

Liberator Explosive can be hard to control and aim due to its high recoil and low accuracy.

The weapon can be inaccurate and unstable, especially when fired in full auto mode.

The weapon requires skill and practice to master its recoil and pace its shots.

2. Limited Ammo With A Low Fire Rate

It can be inefficient and wasteful due to its low fire rate and limited ammo.

The weapon can be slow and sluggish, especially when facing fast and agile enemies.

The weapon also requires frequent reloading and resupplying, as it has only 10 magazines.

Low fire rate and limited ammo
AR-23E Liberator Explosive is inefficient due to its low fire rate and limited ammo.

3. Prone To Friendly Fire

Liberator Explosive can be dangerous due to its explosive nature and friendly fire.

The weapon can cause collateral damage and harm to the player and their teammates, especially when fired nearby.

The weapon also requires caution and awareness to avoid friendly fire incidents.

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