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Dreamlight Valley Post It Note: Escape Claws Realm Quest

In Dreamlight Valley, every mission or quest you play will display a post it note on the left top of your screen.

These post it notes will display what you will require and what is remaining for the quest to be completed.

Moreover, after each task is completed, it will be highlighted in gray with a small check mark.

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Disney’s Dreamlight Valley: Post-It Notes In Escape Claws

In the latest update of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, there were some minor changes made to the Post-it notes.

Escape Claws is a realm quest handed out by Sulley where you will need to disguise yourself as a monster.

Dreamlight valley post it note
The Escape Claws realm quest is the new addition to The Laugh Floor patch.

The laugh floor security of the Monster Inc. Realm will not let humans enter through the gate.

However, before you start the Escape Claws quest, remember to examine the door to the laugh floor which is quite easy.

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Guide To Complete Escape Claws With Post It Note: Dreamlight Valley

To complete the Escape Claws quest in Dreamlight Valley follow the steps below:

1. Disguise As Monster

First, you will need to disguise yourself as a monster to enter through the Laugh Floor security.

In the room, opposite the snack vending machine will be a storage closet where you will get a bag.

Open the bag of ‘Monstrous Accessories’ and you will receive three items for your appearance. 

  • Bat Wing Ears
  • Pointed Monster Ears
  • Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat

The post-it note on your screen will let you know about the completion of each task one by one in Dreamlight Valley.

Equip the items through by going to your wardrobe and taking a selfie and finally, talk to Sulley.

2. Clean Laugh Floor

You will need to clean the laugh floor which hasn’t been cleaned since the abandonment. 

To complete this quest you will need to:

  • Slug Slime Puddles x4
  • Clean Party Trash x8

Equip your watering can and clean the slim puddle.

Additionally, you can clean the party trash by going near the trash and pressing E which will make the trash disappear.

Finally, talk to Sulley again to let him know about the completion of the cleaning job and he will assign with another task.

3. Barista Internship

You will need to use the coffee station to cook:

  • The Wazowski Special
  • Sulley’s Coffee

To cook The Wazowski Special you will need

  • Coffee x1
  • Sugar x3
  • Non-diary Screamer x1

Moreover, Sulley’s likes his coffee the way we like our coffee:

  • Coffee x5

No sugar and No non-diary screamer, just a handful of coffee can surely make his day special.

Finally, hand out those coffees to both of them to finish the quest.

4. Electrician Internship

After you have found the emergency manual on a working desk and handed it out to Sulley.

Thus, begins your electrician intern where you will need to fix and replace:

  • Electrical Panel x3
  • Power Lines x10

However, you will need a Floor Fuse to fix the electrical panel which you will find all around in the working desk.

dreamlight valley post it note
Remember, sometimes the powerline can be blocked by obstacles, push them aside to fix them.

Additionally, to fix power lines all you need to do is interact with the power lines lying on the floor.

Finally, talk to Sulley to complete your Escape Claws quest.

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