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How To Eliminate Brood Commander In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, players are up for the new exciting mission to eliminate the Brood Commander.

It is very important to kill the Brood Commander as they will grow in number and populate the Super Earth.

The Brood commander controls the broods so killing him is the key to protecting the Super Earth from bug infestation.

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What Is Brood Commander In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, Brood Commander is a big reddish black bug who is the leader of other bugs.

Furthermore, the Brood Commander is super strong and fights very fiercely even if he is injured.

Players must kill the Brood Commander to stop it from breeding in Helldivers 2.
Players must kill the Brood Commander to stop it from breeding in Helldivers 2.

When it shows up, it attacks players right away with its sharp claws that can poison and make players slow.

A single hit from the Brood Commander can lower the HP of players significantly with the danger of poisoning.

 Brood Commander Location In Helldivers 2

There are two Brood commanders in different locations on the map.

The primary objective of the Helldivers is to eliminate both of the Brood commanders to progress in the game.

Morever, the brood commander is exhibiting dangerous new mutations in the two specific locations.

Therefore, players must find and eliminate the specimen before it can breed.

The two brood commanders are initially in different locations but they will eventually meet.

One is female and the other one is male so if they breed they will create many broods that will infestate the Super Earth.

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How To Eliminate Brood Commander In Helldivers 2?

Helldivers must hurry and go to the locations shown on the map to eliminate the Brood commander

Brood commander location helldivers 2
Go to the two circles denoted on the map to locate and kill the Brood Commander in Helldivers 2.

After locating the location of Brood commander on the map Helldivers must dive to the planet from their spaceship.

So the first step after you land is to bring up the map to view objectives to find Terminid Brood Commander.

When you reach the location of the Brood Commander, there will be a strange silence.

So you must shoot your gun to make noise and bring the Brood commander out.

A swarm of Broods will come charging at you so you must equip your Stratagems.

1. Maintain Range To Eliminate The Brood Commander

Among the other regular brood, you must find the commander of the broods and kill him to complete the mission.

However, other broods will attack you aggressively to protect their commander.

The broods will attack you from every direction and try to chase you and surround you.

At this point, you must be very careful and kill the broods coming near you.

This is because when they are near you they can bite you and lower your HP to the point of death.

So focus on maintaining the range and shoot the broods while running away from them.

The regular broods are white and are comparatively a bit smaller than the Brood commander.

But, the Brood Commander is red and is larger than other normal broods.

In addition, the HP of the Brood commander is also higher than the normal ones.

Hence, you must shoot the commander multiple times to kill it.

2. Shoot Brood Commander In The Head

In the middle of the fight with the broods, the brood commander will also come attacking you.

So shoot the Brood commander in the head multiple times which will eventually burst his head.

However, the fun fact about the Brood commander is that even if his head is burst he still fights.

Hence, you must shoot him continuously while simultaneously dodging him to complete the Elimination of Brood Commander.

The best way to kill the Brood Commander is by attacking its head or from behind where its armour is weaker.

Next, players must extract successfully to complete the mission of eliminating the Brood Commander.

3. Extract After Mission Completion

Once you eliminate the Brood Commander, the extraction will be available.

The extraction process will be very challenging as every brood will come charging you.

Therefore, you must carefully head towards the extraction beacon by killing the broods on your way to end the mission.

Players must use the grenades to kill incoming broods during the extraction process.

You will receive 100 experience points and 500 requisition points after eliminating the Brood Commander.

Extraction process after elimination of brood comander
After completing the mission to eliminate the Brood commander, head to the extraction beacon for extraction.

If you get caught by the broods scavengers during the extraction then you will get killed.

In this situation, additional reinforcements will be automatically dispatched if there is no helldiver alive to reinforce you.

The dispatched helldiver must call in the extraction shuttle to activate the extraction terminal and begin the extraction process.

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