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How To Max Camaraderie In Xenoverse 2?

Building strong Camaraderie with partner characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is important.

This helps for easier battles and access to powerful dual ultimate attacks.

To max your Camaraderie in Xenoverse 2, you must engage in co-op battles, use assist skills, complete partner-specific quests, and equip camaraderie-boosting items to unlock powerful dual ultimate attacks and make battles easier.

This article provides a guide on how to maximize Camaraderie levels through various methods in the game.

What Is Camaraderie In Xenoverse 2?

Camaraderie refers to the friendship and teamwork system between the main player character and CPU-controlled partner characters.

Partners with high Camaraderie will automatically assist the player more often in battles through skills or fighting alongside them.

It makes battles easier when partners have your back.

camaraderie level xenoverse 2
Partners with high Camaraderie will automatically assist the player more often.

Maintaining strong Camaraderie also unlocks dual ultimate attacks that can be performed together.

Camaraderie is tracked through a numeric value and level for each partner character.

max camaraderie benefits
Having max Camaraderie makes battles easier.
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How To Max Camaraderie In Xenoverse 2?

Here is how you can max Camaraderie in Xenoverse 2:

  1. Fight parallel quests and story missions together. Simply playing co-op battles with a partner raises Camaraderie over time.
  2. Use assist skills involving your partner. Skills that knock opponents their way or combine attacks boost Camaraderie the most.
  3. Heal or revive any partners that fall in battle. This shows trust and support between the characters.
  4. Equip the “Potential Unleashed” skill, which passively increases Camaraderie gain during battles.
  5. Wear clothes and accessories that boost Camaraderie, such as the “Friendship Bracelet.”
  6. Complete side quests from partners to gain their friendship and loyalty.
  7. Repeat the same parallel quest with a single partner to max out their level fastest.

Partner-Specific Quests 

In addition, completing side quests specific to individual partner characters can provide a significant Camaraderie boost upon success.

These character-focused missions can be picked up directly from partners in the Time Nest hub area.

Quests for partners like Trunks and Gohan often task the player with defeating groups of enemies within a time limit.

They have a structured design around co-op combat with the targeted partner present.

friendship xenoverse 2
Completing side quests specific to individual partner characters will provide a Camaraderie boost.

Due to that these special side quests offer optimized conditions for raising Camaraderie compared to standard parallel quests.

Make these character-specific missions a priority when looking to max out Camaraderie levels for one partner at a time.

Their focused nature makes them ideal for dedicated grinding sessions.

Just be sure to save often, as occasional bonus rewards can be earned by replaying until drops are received.

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Additional Tips To Farm Camaraderie Fast 

Here are some additional tips on how you can farm Camaraderie fast in Xenoverse 2:

  1. Focus on a single partner at a time rather than spreading time between multiple characters.
  2. Prioritize parallel quests with multiple enemy waves that allow for long co-op battles.
  3. Use large AoE ultimate attacks to hit enemies simultaneously and your partner for increased assist damage and Camaraderie gain.
  4. Equip skills like “Potential Unleashed” and “Friendship Bracelet” and eat meals that boost experience gain to speed up the leveling process.

The Bottom Line

By following these tips, you can maximize Camaraderie levels with partner characters much faster in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

High Camaraderie makes co-op battles easier and unlocks powerful dual ultimate attacks.

Be sure to maintain strong relationships with all partners for the best support during fights. 

Happy Gaming!

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