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The Female Characters In Helldivers 2

Players can play both male and female characters in Helldivers 2 which makes the game diverse and inclusive.

Furthermore, there is a slight difference in choosing female characters than male characters for battles in the game.

However, whether you change gender to female or male characters, you’re in for epic battles against alien enemies.

Continue reading to find out more about the female characters in Helldivers 2.

Choice Between Male And Female Characters 

In the thrilling world of Helldivers 2, players can choose from male or female characters of Helldivers to protect the Super Earth.

Hence, players are eager to know more about the differences between male and female characters in the game.

In Helldivers 2, both male and female characters look somewhat identical.

Helldivers 2
The Helldivers are the defenders of Super Earth who take on battles with aliens.

This is why players are trying to figure out the difference between choosing two different genders and how to gender change in the game.

Even though both male and female characters of Helldivers look similar in armour there are some subtle differences.

How Are Female Characters Different In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, when you’re customizing your character, it’s not just about how they look on the outside.

You must also customize the personality of the soldier that you play to save the Super Earth.

Even though both male and female characters in Helldivers wear similar armor, you can find differences in their voices.

female and male characters helldivers 2
The armor of female and male characters in Helldivers 2 looks identical.

You can also find some minor differences in the personality of the male and female characters in the game.

This means they sound different and have slight changes in how they look, but the armor stays mostly the same.

1. Stats Of The Female Characters

One significant aspect that distinguishes female characters from male is their stats in Helldivers 2.

While male characters have 100% stamina, female characters have only 65% stamina in the game.

In addition, there is also a difference in the health points of male and female characters in the game.

While the male characters have a full 100 HP, female characters have only 70 HP to begin with.

2. Female Characters Have Bonus

They also don’t hit as hard in close combat and can’t run in heavy gear for as long in comparison to male characters.

Hence, this makes playing with female characters more challenging than playing the male ones.

If you are one of the players who love challenging gameplay experience and hardcore options in the game, then play the female characters.

However, players who choose the female characters in Helldivers 2 get the benefit of receiving 10% more experience boosts than male characters.

Thus, to make up for it, players who pick female characters get a 10% bonus and some extra rewards as compensation.

Picking Male Or Female Characters In Helldivers 2

Even though male and female characters have their unique strengths and weaknesses, the way they play the game is pretty much the same.

Hence, you will not find any differences in the core gameplay mechanics and animations between male and female characters.

Both male and female characters use the same weapons and utilize identical skills on the battlefield.

The main difference between choosing male and female characters is based on gameplay statistics instead of gameplay mechanics.

So whether you pick a male or female character, you’ll still have a blast fighting off the alien guys in the game.

Excitement For Future Expansions

Adding female characters to Helldivers 2 has got people talking in the gaming world.

Players have different opinions about having female characters in the game with slightly different stats.

Some think that it is kind of controversial to make the stamina and attack damage less than male characters in the game.

While some people think that it is a way of telling that females are much stronger as players will have heightened challenges.

However, players are excited to get into the role of playing a brave female Helldiver and save the Super Earth.

As the game grows bigger, players are excited to see further updates and expansions for the female characters.

Players are anticipating to get more choices to customize their characters or special abilities, especially for female characters.

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