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Does Helldivers 2 Have Free Trial Weekend?

If you are interested in trying out Helldivers 2, PlayStation has announced that it will be on free trial weekend for online multiplayer.

It doesn’t require a PlayStation Plus membership to play the online multiplayer in Helldivers 2.

Moreover, this is only available from February 18 to February 19 through the PlayStation console.

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What Is A Free Weekend In Helldivers 2?

A free weekend is a promotional event where a feature of a game is made available for free for a limited time.

Usually, free weekends are hosted by game developers or publishers to attract new players, increase the player base and sales.

However, you still need to buy the game to play the limited-time event or feature.

Moreover, you can access all the features, modes, and content of the game, without any restrictions or limitations.

The free trial weekend in Helldivers 2
PlayStation announces the free trial weekend in Helldivers 2 for online multiplayer.

You can also earn achievements, unlock items, and progress your character.

However, once the free weekend ends, you will lose access to the game’s features unless you purchase the pass.

If you decide to buy the pass after the free weekend, you can keep your progress and continue where you left off.

You can also enjoy a discounted price, as the game is usually on sale during or after the free weekend.

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How To Join The Free Weekend In Helldivers 2?

Joining the free weekend in Helldivers 2 is very easy.

All you need is a PlayStation account and a decent internet connection.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to Helldivers 2 on your PlayStation console.
  2. Log in to your PlayStation account.
  3. After logging in, go to your library find Helldivers 2, and click on the install button.
  4. After downloading the game, simply click on the “Play” button to start playing.
  5. This will launch the game and you can start playing and enjoy the online multiplayer battle.

Alternatively, you can also join the free weekend by following the link from the official PlayStation website.

Issues With Free Weekend In Helldivers 2

While the free weekend is a great opportunity to try out Helldivers 2, it might also come with some issues.

Issue with free trial weekend in Helldivers 2
A reddit post complaining about the issue with a free trial weekend in Helldivers 2.

Here are some of the common problems that you might face, and how to solve them:

1. Server Overload

Due to the high demand and influx of players, the game servers might experience some lag, crashes, or errors.

This might affect your gameplay, matchmaking, or connection.

Try playing off-peak hours to avoid this or use a different region or server.

2. Game Bugs Or Glitches

As with any game, Helldivers 2 might have some bugs or glitches that can affect your experience.

These might include graphical errors, sound issues, gameplay bugs, or performance problems.

To fix this, ensure you have the latest version of the game, update your drivers, or restart the game or your console.

3. Friendly Fire

One of the unique features of Helldivers 2 is the friendly fire mechanic, which means that you may kill your teammates.

It can be accidentally or intentionally hurt or kill your teammates with your weapons or stratagems.

This can add to the challenge and fun of the game, but it can also cause frustration and anger.

To avoid this, be careful with your aim and communicate with your team.

Alternatively, you can also play solo or with friends only.

If you encounter any of these issues, you can try some of these solutions:

  1. Restart the game or your console.
  2. Update your drivers or software.
  3. Check your internet connection or firewall settings.
  4. Contact customer support or report the bug.
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