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Skull And Bones Gold Skull Rum: Complete Missions And Loot Ships

If you are looking for a rum that is bold, smooth, and adventurous, look no further than Skull And Bones Gold Skull Rum.

This Rum is distilled from the finest sugarcane and aged in charred oak barrels, giving it a rich golden color and a complex flavor profile.

Whether you enjoy it neat or mixed with your favorite cocktail, Gold Skull Rum will take you on a journey of discovery and delight.

Continue reading to learn more about Gold Skull Rum and how to obtain it in Skull And Bones.

Gold Skull Rum In Skull And Bones

Gold Skull Rum is a valuable resource in Skull and Bones that can be used to improve your ship’s performance and firepower.

This Rum is essential for upgrading your weapons and enhancing your combat abilities. 

You can use Gold Rum to buy new ship weapons like cannons, mortars, rockets, etc.

Use Gold Rum to upgrade your existing weapons.

Further, you can use Gold Rum to upgrade your existing weapons, increasing their damage, range, accuracy, and reload speed.

Additionally, you can use Gold Rum to unlock new combat abilities, such as ramming, boarding, fire barrels, and more.

Contrarily, these abilities can give you an edge in battle and allow you to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.

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How To Obtain Gold Skull Rum?

You can obtain Gold Skull Rum by completing missions, looting ships, or trading with other players.

1. Completing Specific Missions Or Quests

Some central campaign contracts and investigations will reward you with Gold Rum upon completion.

These quests will often involve following clues, solving riddles, or engaging in combat with enemies.

Generally, you can check your journal for available missions and quests and the clues and rewards for each.

2. Looting It During Naval Battles

One of the most exciting ways to get Gold Rum is by plundering it from other ships during naval battles.

You can attack merchant ships, enemy pirates, or even elite captains to loot their cargo and resources.

gold skull rum
Attack merchant ships and enemy pirates.

You can also board their ships to get more loot and capture their crew.

Be careful, as naval battles can be challenging and risky, especially if you encounter hostile factions or environmental hazards.

3. Trading With Other Players In The Open World

Another option to get Gold Rum is trading with other players in the open world.

You can exchange materials, items, and silver with your group members or other friendly pirates.

Generally, this can be a great way to share resources, help each other out, and make new friends and allies.

However, you should also be wary of potential betrayals or ambushes, as not all pirates are trustworthy.

Use The Gold Skull Rum In Skull And Bones

you can follow the steps below to use Gold Rum in Skull and Bones:

1. Go To The Helm Office

Helm’s office is in Sainte-Anna; you must find the local tavern and speak to the barkeeper.

He will give you a letter leading you to the Helm, a secret society of smugglers.

The Helm is your base of operations, where you can manage your smuggling empire and access various features.

2. Use Smuggler Pass Tokens

To invest in upgrades under smuggler operations, you need to use Smuggler Pass Tokens.

They are a particular currency that can be earned by completing contracts, world events, and investigations.

Significantly, Smuggler Pass Tokens can unlock new smuggling routes, increase cargo capacity, and produce more resources.

skull and bones
Invest in upgrades under smuggler operations.

3. Unlock With 7th Upgrade

Gold Rum is unlocked with the 7th Upgrade under smuggler operations, which costs 10 Smuggler Pass Tokens.

This upgrade allows you to produce Gold Rum from White Rum.

You can produce Gold Rum by going to the Rum Distillery in the Helm and selecting the option to convert White Rum into Gold Rum.

4. Buy And Upgrade Weapons

You can use Gold Skull Rum to buy and upgrade weapons and unlock new combat abilities.

Further, use the Rum to upgrade your existing weapons, increasing their damage, range, accuracy, and reload speed.

Additionally, you can use it to unlock new combat abilities, such as ramming, boarding, fire barrels, and more.

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