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Helldivers 2 Game Session No Longer Available: Easy Fixes

Fans of Helldivers 2 have encountered the frustrating error message that says, “Game Session No Longer Available.”

This issue can be frustrating, especially when players are eager to enjoy the game with friends.

However, players can try to resolve the issue by downloading the new patch and restarting the Helldivers 2 and gameplay platforms.

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Helldivers 2 Session No Longer Available Issue

A PvE co-op third-person shooter game, Helldivers 2 fully supports crossplay between PC and PS5 players.

Setting up in Helldivers 2 is extremely easy, as players can invite friends with a simple code accessible from the social menu.

However, it enhances the gaming experience for players across different platforms, eliminating the barrier of platform exclusivity.

Unfortunately, some players state that they are consistently facing the issue during cross-platform play. 

They are encountering the message “Game Session No Longer Available” when attempting to play cross-platform.

However, it is causing frustration among players as they can’t enter the game or progress due to this issue.

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Helldivers 2: How To Invite Crossplay Friends?

In Helldivers 2, inviting crossplay friends to join your game is typically a straightforward process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that players can follow to do it in Helldivers 2.

  1. Access Social Menu: When in-game, simply open the ‘Options’ menu and navigate to the ‘Social’ tab.
  2. Select Invite Friends: Within the social menu, look for a ‘Friend Code’ field and click ‘Generate’ to get a unique Friend Code.

Once players know Friend Code, they can input their code into the ‘Search’ field at the top-left of the Social tab to find them. 

Once crossplay is enabled, navigate to the Social menu.
Once crossplay is enabled, navigate to the Social menu.

However, players must ensure that they have enabled crossplay before starting to play with friends on PC and PS5.

Solution To Helldivers 2 Session No Longer Available

If players are facing the Game Session No Longer Available issue in Helldivers 2, here are some potential fixes they can try:

1. Get The New Patch

Helldivers 2 has released a new patch 01.000.006 for PC and PS5 that introduces a variety of improvements.

However, this patch focuses on stability, connectivity, matchmaking improvements, and more.

Hence, players, along with their friends, should opt for the latest patch and retry connecting their consoles.

2. Restart The Game

Once the patch is installed, players and their friends should restart the game.

Restart Helldivers 2 for the gameplay.
Restart Helldivers 2 for the gameplay.

Additionally, consider restarting the gaming platform, i.e., PC or PS5, to ensure a fresh start.

3. Check Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection can certainly cause connectivity problems for all players involved.

Similarly, the “Game Session No Longer Available” issue occurs mainly due to the internet issue.

If one of the friends has a poor connection, the other player will also face the same issue.

Players can try restarting their router or look for a wired connection, to resolve this problem.

4. Contact Support

If the issue persists, players can reach out to the customer support team for Helldivers 2.

They may be able to provide further assistance or troubleshooting steps tailored to the specific issue.

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