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Should You Sell The Earth Savior Award In Starfield?

The Earth Savior Award has been significant for society patrons for the last nine years.

Sheila Hoolbroke has been responsible for the award ceremony for the last seven years.

There has been a lot of discussion on stealing the Earth Savior Award and selling it.

Selling the Earth Savior Award in Starfield is a clever choice for a player because it seems that selling the award to a merchant provides a much better price. However, Naeva’s price also depends on how you talk to her.

This article explores the details of selling and stealing the Earth Savior Award.

What Is The Earth Savior Award?

The Earth Savior Award is a prestigious award that you can gain as a society patron in Starfield.

Additionally, the award is present in the Crimson Fleet.

People who go to great lengths to save the planet Earth in the game get the award.

Sheila Hoolbroke manages the award committee and ceremony.

Sheila Hoolbroke Earth Savior Award
Sheila Hoolbroke manages the Earth Savior Award program and committee.

Stealing the Earth Savior Award is part of the Breaking the Bank quest.

Breaking the Bank Quest
Stealing the Earth Savior Award is part of the Breaking the Bank quest

The Breaking the Bank quest includes activities such as killing Larry Dumbrosky, stealing the Earth Savior Award, etc.

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Should You Steal The Earth Savior Award?

Stealing the award depends upon the players; one can earn or steal it.

Decide what is more important to you, the monetary value or an ethical gaming behavior.

The award sells at a high price, so for some, the temptation of money can play an important role, so they steal.

But for some, the respect and prestige received within the Crimson Fleet hold more value.

Nothing is right or wrong. However, one should always consider the consequences of their actions.

The fact is upon stealing the award; one can have difficulty in completing future quests due to their damaged reputation.

For those who seek to win over, it becomes a symbol of hope and determination.

How To Steal The Earth Savior Award?

To steal the ES award, you must complete Breaking the Bank Mission.

Upon completion, in the Crimson Fleet headquarters on New Atlantis.

Further, you will meet the leader of the fleet, Naeva Vindiri.

Naeva wants to steal the ES award and sell it to fund the operations of the Crimson Fleet.

The Award is inside a vault in the Capital city of Akila system.

Earth Savior Award Steal
The Earth Savior Award Steal is kept in a safe

You have to have some serious hacking skills, or you will need a keycard to infiltrate the vault.

Upon infiltration, you will see the award inside a locked display case.

However, upon stealing it, one can have difficulty picking it up manually.

It can also be unlocked via a terminal that can override the security system.

Just be careful, and don’t get caught by the guards.

Getting caught will result in an arrest, and you fail the mission.

Should You Sell The Earth Savior Award?

Selling the award is totally up to the player and is a personal choice.

In addition, selling it can bring a lot of credit, which can help buy better equipment and weapons.

You can also fund your future quests using the credit you receive after the sale.

On the other hand, some players might find this activity unethical and harmful to the Historical Significance of the artifact.

One can damage one’s reputation among other fleets in the game.

Selling the artifact can result in various scenarios within the game.

However, one must act upon their values and choices.

For some, selling the artifact can bring more opportunities, while others might not feel the same.

So, the choice to sell the Earth Savior Award in Starfield is up to the player.

How To Sell The Earth Savior Award?

To sell the Earth Savior award in Starfield is a relatively simple task but has its intricacies.

You can sell the artifact to a merchant willing to buy the product from you.

However, remember that most legit merchants do not deal in stolen goods.

So, to avoid such situations, you can find a fence that is a type of merchant specializing in stolen goods.

One can earn more money if they have a higher commerce skill.

Once you find a suitable merchant, you can ask for your desired price.

If the merchant refuses to pay the asked amount, you can always bargain with them.

Lastly, if nothing works, you can find another merchant anytime.

Many players mainly steal the award and sell it to a merchant.

Because Naeva doesn’t provide a fair price, a merchant usually provides a higher one.

Reddit Earth Savior Award Sell
Earth Savior Awards is better to sell to a merchant.

The Bottom Line

The Earth Savior Award is among the most prestigious awards a society patron can get.

You can get the award by working on activities to save Earth.

Or you could steal the award by getting information from other society patrons or Sheila Hoolbroke, the manager.

Selling the Earth Savior Award in Starfield is a personal choice.

Players usually sell the award due to the better pricing and value.

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