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Get Desert Basic From Desert Herbarium In Nightingale

In Nightingale, players can build desert-style structures as their bases from the Desert Herbarium realm.

Players can buy various resources within the Desert Herbarium and utilize them to build structures suitable for desert landscapes.

However, players can purchase the building sets only with essences, so you must collect them within the game.

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What Is Desert Herbarium In Nightingale?

In Nightingale, the Desert Herbarium is a realm that allows players to unlock unique building sets and structures specific to the desert biome.

It is the realm where players can trade T2 essences with special building sets to build desert-style structures.

When players go into the Desert Herbarium, they can find essence traders who take T2 essence in exchange for building sets.

Hence, it is very important to access and utilize Desert Herbarium if you want to expand your creativity and have more fun in the game.

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Desert Basic Tileset In Desert Herbarium Realm

In Nightingale, players can build their base with new structure designs with the help of Tilesets.

As you progress through the game, you can purchase a wide range of tile sets for your base construction.

There are various tileset recipes in Nightingale, like crude basic, crude stone second story, desert basic, Tudor basic, swamp shack basic, etc.

Players must venture into different locations of Nightingale’s realm to buy the tileset recipes from different traders.

Buy Desert Basic In Desert Herbarium

Among all the other tilesets, Desert Basic is a tileset recipe that you can find in the Desert Herbarium realm.

Players must go to the Desert Herbarium realm and buy the desert basic tileset recipe from the essence trader within the realm.

The Desert basic tileset unlocks the Desert-style foundation, stairs, doorframe, door wall, and flat roof.

In addition, it also unlocks sandy and dusty-type buildings in the desert biome.

Desert herbarium in Nightingale
Players must combine a desert card and a Herbarium card to open the portal to the Desert Herbarium realm in Nightingale.

You must purchase the desert basic tileset by trading 10 Tier 2 essences with the Desert Herbarium essence trader.

Likewise, you can build impressive structures in the desert biome with the help of the desert basic tileset and building set.

These structures can protect you from excessive heating while you stay inside in the desert biome.

How To Go To The Desert Herbarium In Nightingale?

To unlock the portal to the Desert Herbarium, players must first craft the Herbarium card.

Furthermore, players must gather specific resources and use crafting stations within the game to craft the Herbarium card.

Once players unlock the Herbarium card, players must combine two cards to make the Desert Herbarium realm.

1. Open Portal With Realm Cards In Nightingale

Nightingale introduces players to the concept of Realm Cards, which are essential for opening portals to new realms.

Furthermore, these cards come in two types, i.e., Biome cards and Major cards.

Biome cards decide what kind of place you’ll end up in, like a forest, desert, or swamp. 

Similarly, Major cards set parameters like points of interest, places to explore, NPCs, and quests within the realm.

2. Combine Desert Card And Herbarium Card

To open a portal to a desert realm in Nightingale, players need both a Biome card and a Major card.

Furthermore, the Biome card will specify the desert biome, whereas the Major card will determine additional realm features.

When you put the two cards in the realm card machine, it will take you to the realm based on the combination of those two cards you picked.

So, players must put the desert card in the biome card section and the Herbarium card in the major card section of the realm card machine.

This will merge two realms and form the Desert Herbarium realm for you.

3. Find The Essence Trader In The Desert Herbarium

When the machine finishes merging the two realms, it will open the portal to the Desert Herbarium realm.

Go through the portal and find the Desert Herbarium Essence trader to buy a desert basic tileset from him.

Desert herbarium essence trader
Go through the portal in the Desert Herbarium realm and buy the Desert Basic with 10 T2 essences.

You must pay the essence trader 10 tier 2 essences to buy desert basic and enjoy desert-style building sets to build impressive structures.

4. Building Sets In The Desert Basic 

Within the Desert Herbarium, you can buy different types of building sets and structures that are unique to the desert biome.

Furthermore, you can purchase building sets using 10 Tier 2 essences as in-game currency from the essence trader in Desert Herbarium.

The building sets include basic structures like walls and roofs as well as more advanced building components.

By obtaining these building sets, players can unleash their creativity and construct impressive structures in Nightingale.

Additionally, players can enhance their base-building capabilities and create unique architectural designs within the desert biome.

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