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Remnant 2: How To Unlock Locked Door In Void Vessel Facility?

The Void Vessel Facility is the location in Remnant 2 which is now filled with Vessels and creatures emerging from them.

Previously, it was a laboratory where The Custodian had a team to investigate and conduct testing on “Prototypes.”

In the Void Vessel Facility, there is a specific technique to open the Door. Additionally, if you can figure out how to accomplish it, there are various gifts for you. However, it can be challenging, especially at this annoying facility.

Continue reading the article to explore the Void Vessel Facility and ways to open the locked Door.

What Is The Void Vessel Facility In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, a dungeon called The Void Vessel Facility is situated in the N’Erud area.

Moreover, it’s a lab where The Custodian’s staff works on researching and testing “prototypes”; the place is full of containers, and monsters emerge from them.

Each location in Remnant 2 will have its unique scenery, activities, dungeons, enemies, and equipment.

Although the Void Vessel Facility is difficult, it is also rewarding.

locked door in void vessel facility
Void Vessel Facility is a challenging dungeon with lots of rewards.

The Space Worker Armor Set, the Blackout Ring, and the W.D. 109 Boss Key are priceless treasures players can find in the dungeon.

Additionally, finding valuable goods is accessible at the Void Vessel Facility.

The Void Vessel Facility is a terrific destination if you are searching for a challenge and are ready to put in the effort.

Tips And Tricks For Void Vessel Facility

Please look at the entrance in the Timeless Horizon region to get to the Void Vessel Facility.

Moreover, numerous adversaries are manning the entrance, which is hidden within a cave.

After entering the cave, you must navigate the dungeon by overcoming obstacles and finding solutions to riddles.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Remnant 2 features a lot of random enemy encounters, making it challenging to give you advance notice of certain formidable foes. A sharp sting in the music usually heralds the arrival of a significant event.
  • Save your ammunition for the more difficult foes, such as the tiny Abominations or Shielded Drones, by eliminating as many adversaries as possible with your melee weapons.
  • Thoroughly investigate the larger rooms since they may contain goods and chests that are randomly positioned.
  • Simply climb the steps outside the chambers if you notice a purple or golden shimmering object above you.
  • If you have the courage, proceed to the X on the map, navigate the region, and awaken the ominous alien Orb. It will slowly pursue you while doing damage nearby.
  • Eating your foes enables you to run past your adversaries. However, this can make the dungeon exceedingly tricky because you must continually outrun it to avoid being sucked in and killed.
  • Avoid standing in the purple goop that numerous foes are dropping; you will become Suppressed if you do it.

How To Open The Locked Door In Void Vessel Facility?

You must find the key in the Void Vessel Facility in Remnant 2 to open the Door. One of the three pods at the dungeon’s end holds the key.

Once you get the key, you can open the Door to discover the concealed armor set.

The locked door in Void Vessel Facility
You can unlock the Door once you get the key.

The Void Vessel Facility Door can be unlocked using the following steps:

  1. Begin with the Void Vessel Facility entrance.
  2. As you move through the dungeon, kill opponents and gather treasure.
  3. You will come to a room with three pods at the dungeon’s conclusion.
  4. To discover a random object, open each pod. The lock’s key will be located in one of the pods.
  5. When you have the key, unlock the locked Door.
  6. The closed-door opens to reveal a room containing a set of concealed armor.

Here are some hints for locating the Door’s key:

  • You can always find the key in one of the three pods at the dungeon’s finish.
  • You must open every pod because they are identical to locate the key.
  • You might need to explore the dungeon more than once to locate the key because it is a random item.

The Bottom Line

The Void Vessel Facility is a challenging dungeon with valuable rewards.

If you are looking for a challenge and willing to put in the work, the Void Vessel Facility is a great place to visit.

While participating in this dungeon, you may encounter a locked Door which you can unlock by finding a key.

Continue reading to learn how to Unlock Labyrinth Corrupted Portal in Remnant 2.
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