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Blox Fruit: Master The Trial Of Sense Of Duty

In Blox Fruits, players have to complete the quest sense of duty successfully to acquire the Cursed Dual Katana.

Similarly, players must reach a level of 2200+ and achieve a mastery level of at least 350 in both Tushita and Yama to attain the Katana.

In Blox Fruits, players must master the Sense of Duty Trial and terminate the marauding pirates to attain the Cursed Dual Katana.

In this article, we will learn more about the Sense of Duty in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits: An Overview Of Sense Of Duty Trail

Players must go through a series of several quests before they can acquire the legendary Cursed Dual Katana.

Similarly, it falls under the Tushita Scroll Trials, one of the prerequisites for getting close to the sword.

The sense of a duty trial is one of the essential parts of the Tushita Scroll Trials that players must complete.

Sense of Duty Tushita's Scroll
Sense of Duty is one of the quests inside Tushita’s Scroll.

Moreover, this trial challenges players to demonstrate their combat powers to prove that they are capable of handling the sword.

Sense of Duty Trail is located in the Castle on the sea and demands players to participate in the risky Pirate Raid.

Castle in the Sea
A player is about to enter the castle in the sea.

Moreover, players have to be more cautious while partaking in this battle; this task requires a maximum level of concentration.

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Master The Sense Of Duty Trail In Blox Fruits

To successfully complete the sense of duty trial, it is recommended that players gather crew members.

Since this mission is challenging, opting for teamwork is beneficial as well as a smart move to complete this task with ease.

Cooperating with other team members will significantly increase your chances of success in completing this quest.

Besides that, playing as a team gives you an extra advantage while defending from the pirate’s dangerous blows.

However, you should balance the crew members by mixing the set of abilities to face the hefty challenges that lie ahead.

Inviting Allies in Game
You can send an ally request to the available players to complete this quest.

Furthermore, it is recommended to players to complete this quest in a calmer server, where you have a good ping.

Having a stable connection is essential while playing alongside the team; besides that, players should use a perfect build.

Similarly, players can choose their perfect build gear to face the group of pirates in great combat.

Defeating The Pirates: Fulfill Your Sense Of Duty

Once you have gathered your crew, you must go to the Castle on the sea.

This is where Pirate Raid will occur, so players must be careful during their journey to this enigmatic battlefield.

Similarly, the pirate raid is one of the chaotic events in the Blox fruits and players must be ready for intense battles.

After making their way to the Castle, the player’s primary objective in the Pirate Raid is to defeat the marauding pirates.

However, players need to eliminate only one pirate during the pirate raid to gain the credit towards fulfilling their Sense of Duty.

Furthermore, players should acquire powerful weapons that damage their enemies for an easy kill.

Fighting with Pirates
Mastery Earned after defeating the pirates.

Equally important, players can also use their quick ability, such as Godhuman C, to defeat the enemy quickly.

Finally, after completing the sense of duty trial, players are one step closer to achieving the legendary Cursed Dual Katana.

Players must complete all the quests related to Yama and Tushita and solve the Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle to unlock this sword.

Thus, completing this trial only marks a significant milestone, as players must participate in several trials in their quests.

The Bottom Line

Players must complete the challenging trial of Sense of Duty as a testament to their combat skills.

It is a challenge in the game that demands the most skilled and dedicated player to prove their worth by participating in the raid.

Additionally, players can complete this quest by assembling the right crew and approaching the Pirate Raid with coordination.

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