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Helldivers 2 Personal Order Not Counting? Try These Fixes

Personal order not counting in Helldivers 2 is an issue where players are unable to complete the Killing 3 chargers order.

Many players are facing this issue where they are unable to count the charger’s kills in the Personal Order.

This might be a bug in the game as the kill of chargers is not counted even after trying in several missions.

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What Is Personal Order In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, personal orders are special tasks or objectives assigned to individual players.

These orders are separate from the main objectives of the game and often involve specific challenges.

Multiple personal orders are included in Helldivers 2 with different tasks and objectives.

Killing 3 Chargers is one of the personal orders where players have to kill 3 chargers throughout their missions.

charger in helldivers 2
Chargers are the aliens and can be easily killed while maintaining distance.

However, there are some problems faced by players where they are unable to complete the order.

Many players have tried killing multiple chargers throughout their missions but are still unable to complete it.

This seems to be a bug with the game as many players have reported this problem and are unable to complete the order.

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Personal Order Not Counting In Helldivers 2

Personal Orders not counting in Helldivers 2 refers to the issue of Killing 3 chargers order not counting.

This is the latest order updated in the game and is currently not working according to players.

No matter how many chargers players kill, the kill count bar constantly shows 0 and doesn’t change.

There are several reasons why personal orders may not be counted. Some of them are

  1. Bug or glitch in the game.
  2. A problem with the player’s internet.
  3. An issue with the game’s servers.
  4. Programming Error for the personal order.
Chargers Kill Not Counting
The progress of the personal order remains stuck at 0, regardless of how many chargers players kill.

Fixes For The Personal Order Not Counting 

This issue arises when players try to complete the personal order but are stuck at 0 count of kills.

Game developers have not yet mentioned or addressed this issue, so no exact fixes are available.

However, the developers might be undergoing a survey regarding the issue and may provide an update soon.

To fix the Order Not Counting issue in Helldivers 2, you can try the following ways:

1. Try Restarting Your Game

Sometimes simply restarting the game can resolve minor issues in the game.

So, players can try restarting the game and check whether the kill count for chargers is working.

2. Kill 3 Chargers In Single Mission

Some players have claimed that they could complete the order by killing chargers in a single mission.

However, the count will still be at 0 but doing it in a single mission might complete the order.

3. Check For Updates

Ensure that your game is up to date with the latest patches and updates.

Developers often release fixes for known issues, so updating your game may resolve the problem.

4. Contact Support

You can connect to the officials and seek help from them regarding the issue.

They may be able to provide further troubleshooting steps and address underlying issues in the game.

To contact Support follow these steps

  • Go to official website for support
  • Click on Submit a request
  • Fill in all the details and describe the problem in the description box
  • Submit your form and wait until you get a reply from the developers

When Does The Personal Order Update?

You are assigned limited tasks or objectives known as Personal Orders, which come with a 24-hour time limit.

The starting time for the Personal Order might vary according to your time zone and location.

However, you can accumulate the time by assuming the acknowledging the left time to complete.

The order is updated every 24 hours. So, you must complete it to gain the rewards that come with the order.

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