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Spyro The Dragon: Missing 33 Gems In Cliff Town

In Spyro The Dragon, players must embark on the quest to find the missing 33 gems from Cliff Town.

Likewise, players should immerse themselves in gaming to uncover gems and rescue dragons.

In Spyro The Dragon, most of the players have reported missing 33 gems while exploring the Cliff Town. Similarly, players must traverse to the dome from where the level was initiated to collect the missing 33 gems. 

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Collecting Gems In Spyro The Dragon

In the vast realm of the Spyro The Dragon, players must embark on quests to collect several gems from its realm.

During the quest, players should uncover gems that are kept hidden within the different locations of the map.

Players should also rescue The Dragon while finding the elusive gems from the map.

Gems in spyro cliff town
The player collects the gems in Cliff town of Spyro the Dragon.

Likewise, during the Peacekeeper Gems quest in Spyro The Dragon, players should embark on three different locations to collect gems.

You should explore the different levels of Dry Canyon, Cliff Town, Ice Cavern, and Doctor Shemp to collect the elusive gems.

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Cliff Town: Missing 33 Gems

Some players have reported missing 33 gems while collecting them from Cliff Town during the Peacekeeper Gems quest.

Players are frustrated as they can not collect all the possible gems for completing the quest in Cliff Town.

Most reports suggest that players could not locate 33 gems from the Cliff Town while investing their time and effort.

Despite battling with formidable enemies and searching around the cliffs, users face problems locating the gem.

To resolve this issue, players should explore the vast realm of Cliff Town and search for gems in every nook and corner.

Finding Missing 33 Gems In Cliff Town

In Spyro The Dragon, players can collect the missing 33 gems from Cliff Town by exploring obscure areas.

Similarly, players should navigate behind the building where the level begins to locate the missing gems.

However, players should follow the exact direction to reach this concealed spot in Spyro The Dragon.

To begin the journey, players should traverse to the pad where they freed the Dragon Marco during one of the quests.

Likewise, players must utilize the Whirlwind to their left for quick elevation to the pad.

Upon reaching the pad, players should follow the cliff’s edge towards the forcefield pylons.

Gliding To The building For Gems
The player should glide to the dome from the highest point on the cliff to collect the 33 missing gems.

Now, carefully glide from the pad to the building to locate the missing 33 gems in Cliff Town.

Check both sides of the starting building and explore its areas to find all the mysterious 33 gems behind it.

Moreover, players should flame every pot in the level, search every corner, and even check the rooftops to secure gems.

Go behind the dome by gliding from the cliff’s highest point and discover the trail of 33 hidden gems in Spyro The Dragon.

The Bottom Line

The quest for locating the elusive 33 gems from Cliff Town is quite difficult to complete in Spyro The Dragon.

Players should navigate around the Cliff Town and its dome to discover the 33 missing gems.

Whether collecting the gems, Ice Cavern, or Doctor Shemp, players must be familiar with the location.

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