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How Ship Management Works In Helldivers 2?

Ship management is an essential feature in Helldivers 2, a sci-fi co-op shooter game.

It allows you to customize and upgrade your dropship, the Destroyer, and access various abilities and equipment.

You can access ship management in the Ship Management Console or the Barracks option in the main menu. 

Continue reading to explore how the Ship Management works and why its console looks different.

How Ship Management Works?

Ship Management in Helldivers 2 plays a crucial role in customizing your experience and enhancing your squad’s effectiveness.

Here’s an elaboration on how ship management works:

1. Stratagems

This section lets you view, equip, and unlock special abilities and equipment called Stratagems.

Generally, these can be deployed during missions to provide tactical advantages, call in reinforcements, or unleash devastating attacks.

You can unlock new Stratagems with samples obtained from completing missions.

2. Ship Modules

Here, you can purchase and equip modules that offer passive bonuses to your dropship and squad.

These range from increased armor and movement speed to improved weapon damage and resource generation.

However, purchasing modules requires spending Requisition points, another currency earned through gameplay.

ship management helldivers 2
Ship Management in Helldivers 2 plays a crucial role.

3. Medals

This section tracks your progress towards earning medals, which are awarded for completing specific challenges during missions.

Further, medals provide cosmetic rewards and sometimes unlock new Stratagems or Loadouts.

4. Loadouts

This allows you to create and save preset combinations of weapons, perks, and equipment for different situations.

Significantly, this helps you switch quickly between specialized setups for specific enemy types or mission objectives.

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How To Access Ship Management In Helldivers 2?

There are two ways to access Ship Management in Helldivers 2:

1. Through The Ship Management Console

In your dropship, locate the terminal with the blue screen. This is the Ship Management Console.

Interact with the console by pressing the appropriate button (e.g., “X” on PlayStation).

This will open the Ship Management menu to access various features.

Significantly, this includes stratagems, ship modules, medals, and loadouts.

ships helldivers
Interact with the console by pressing the appropriate button.

2. Through The Main Menu

From the main menu, select the “Barracks” option.

In the Barracks, navigate to the “Ship” tab.

This will display some of the same options as the Ship Management Console, such as viewing and equipping Stratagems and Ship Modules.

However, you won’t have access to all features like Medals and Loadouts here.

Ship Management Console Looks Different In Ships

The Ship Management Console can look different depending on the ship you use in Helldivers 2.

Here’s what you might be experiencing:

1. Different Layouts

Each ship class might have a unique layout for its Ship Management Console.

This caters to the ship’s specific role and strategic focus.

For instance, the Attacker’s console might prioritize offensive Stratagems and modules.

Meanwhile, the Support console might emphasize healing and buffing options.

Additionally, some ships within the same class might have slight variations in their console layout due to specializations.

Each ship class has a unique layout for its Ship Management Console.

2. Limited Options

Not all ships have access to the full range of Ship Management features.

More minor starter ships might have fewer Stratagem slots or module options than larger, more advanced ones.

This encourages progression and unlocks as you acquire better ships.

Certain features, like advanced Stratagems or specific modules, might be locked until you reach a certain level or complete specific challenges.

This adds an element of strategic planning and reward for progress.

3. Visual Differences

The overall design and theme of the Ship Management Console might differ based on the ship’s aesthetics and faction.

For example, Helldiver ships might have a sleek and aggressive look.

Meanwhile, Illuminate vessels might have a more organic, alien design reflected in their console.

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