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Get All Tokens From List In Monopoly Go: A Complete Guide

Monopoly Go is a popular mobile game that lets you play the classic board game with your friends or strangers online.

One of the features of the game is the ability to collect and use different tokens, such as cars, hats, dogs, and more.

Monopoly Go Token list has various tokens like Top Hat, Classic Car, Ducky, Cutie Cat, Penguin, Sailboat, Suitcase, Dolphin, American Eagle, Sandy Snowman, Peg-e-car, Cyclops, hammer, etc that you can earn by participating in events and completing sticker packs.

Continue reading to find out more about the Monopoly Go Tokens list and how to obtain them.

What Are Tokens In Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go is a classic board game that keeps players involved with new tokens and events.

Furthermore, one of the exciting elements in Monopoly Go is the list of tokens to choose from while playing the game board.

Tokens are the pieces that you can use to move around the board in Monopoly Go.

Moreover, these tokens not only serve as your playing pieces but also showcase your achievements and participation in special events.

How To Get All Tokens In Monopoly Go Token List?

At the outset of the game, players can choose from three timeless tokens: the Top Hat, Classic Car, and Battleship.

Furthermore, the Monopoly token list has 26 different tokens available for players.

Hence, these iconic token pieces set the stage for Monopoly Go as they are available right from the start.

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1. Enhance Your Net Worth To Earn Tokens

As you progress in the game, you must enhance your Net Worth to have a chance to unlock some charming tokens.

The Ducky, Cutie Cat, Penguin, Train, and Thimble are just a few examples of tokens that can be awarded for upgrading your Net Worth.

cutie cat
Upgrade your networth and obtain a Cutie cat token as your reward.

Besides, the Monopoly Token list also has a dog token that you can obtain by logging into the game for 7 days.

Similarly, you can also get a Mr. Monopoly Token when you invite 10 friends to the game.

2. Complete Sticker Sets To Earn Tokens

In Monopoly Go, you can complete sticker sets and participate in events to earn unique tokens.

For instance, finish the Roma Eterna sticker set in the Globe-Trotting sticker album to obtain a Suitcase token.

Likewise, when you complete the Globe Trottin album, you will earn yourself a Sailboat.

To earn the Dolphin token, you must first complete the Puppy party sticker set.

You will get a Dolphin token as a reward for completing the puppy party sticker set in Monopoly Go.

You can find the Puppy Party sticker set in the Wildlife Tales sticker album.

Subsequently, you can also complete the album Wildlife Tales to earn a Lion token in Monopoly Go.

3. Complete The King Arthur Sticker Set

There are other tokens like Cyclops, hammer, Mr. Avocado, USA hat, and Space Scottie in the Monopoly token list.

You must complete the King Arthur sticker set in the Epic Myths album and also complete the Epic Myths to earn the Cyclops and hammer tokens.

In addition, you can get the Mr. Avocado token by completing the Taco Takeout event.

Moreover, complete the Memorial Day event for the USA hat token and complete the Moon Walkers event for the Space Scottie token.

4. Complete Fireworks Fortune Event

Other tokens in the Monopoly token list are American Eagle, Sandy Snowman, strawberry cake, Peg-e car, Mr.M’s Cupcake, Toy Peg-E, and Crypt car.

To get the American Eagle and Sany snowman tokens, you must complete the Fireworks Fortune event and X-mas in July event.

Similarly, complete all four cakes for the Baking Partners event to earn a strawberry cake token.

Crypt car
Complete the Spooky Car Partners event to earn a Crypt car token as your reward in Monopoly Go.

Just like for the strawberry cake token, you must complete all four cakes for the Choco partners event to earn Mr. M’s Cupcake token.

Hence, to get the PEG-E car and Crypt car tokens, you must complete all four cars for the Car Show Partners event and Spooky Car Partners event.

The Bottom Line

Tokens are a beneficial factor to move around the board in Monopoly Go to win exciting rewards.

Hence, focus on completing all the sticker packs and participating in events to unlock all the tokens.

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