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Helldivers 2 XP Disabling Glitch: Causes And Fixes

The new XP glitch is causing lots of trouble for players as they cannot earn progress rewards in Helldivers 2.

Unlike common XP glitches that provide infinite XP, this glitch restricts players from receiving a single XP.

Therefore, players have decided to pause the game until the developers fix this glitch in the future.

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What Is New XP GLitch In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, players can play various matches and complete quests to accumulate experience points.

These quests provide a quick way to gain lucrative XP for players by completing simple challenges in the match.

However, the new XP glitch disables the reward system, meaning that players cannot receive any XP.

Many players are facing XP Not Being awarded after mission completion in Helldivers 2.

helldivers 2 xp glitch
Players mentioning the new XP disabling glitch of Helldivers 2 on Steam discussions.

Also, this glitch can suddenly occur to anyone, regardless of the gaming platform they are playing on.

Some players are even complaining that their 4 hours of gameplay have been nothing but a waste.

Additionally, this glitch sets a player’s level cap at 0, disabling them from obtaining even the free rewards.

Therefore, the Helldivers 2 community is in shambles as many players are already quitting the game.

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How To Solve The XP Glitch In Helldivers 2? 

As this glitch has surfaced on the internet, players are sharing some alternate solutions for it.

However, it is not guaranteed to work for everyone, as it is not an official fix.

Here are all the solutions that players can try to tackle the XP disable glitch in Helldivers 2:

  1. Players can restart the game to try to bypass the glitch.
  2. Some players have reported that rebooting the game has fixed this issue for them.
  3. Logging out and logging in again into the game is another solution for this glitch.
  4. Players can also contact the official Helldivers 2 support team to appeal for compensation.

After following some of these steps, some players reported that they got all the missing XP back.

Therefore, players can assume that the game is taking turns to fix this issue for each server region.

Hence, players must become active in the Helldivers 2 community to learn about region-based updates.

When Will XP Glitch Be Fixed In Helldivers 2?

Yes, the developers will most certainly fix this XP glitch in the upcoming Helldivers 2 patch.

Given the weight of the issue, this glitch is breaking the gaming platform and the company’s reputation.

Moreover, it is confirmed that players could not receive the XP because the game server was undergoing live maintenance.

Additionally, the game would often crash during maintenance, infecting more players with the glitch.

helldivers 2 glitch
The Xp glitch and game crashes were due to live maintenance in the game.

But although the maintenance is already over, players are still experiencing the XP disabled glitch.

Players can be sure that this glitch has occurred due to some backend issue of the game.

However, the game has not said anything about this issue, displaying the severity of this glitch.

So, players have no option but to wait until the game provides further information about this issue.

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