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Explore The High Complexity Area In Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, players are curious about how to find and survive the High Complexity area to obtain the recipes.

The high complexity area is a challenging biome where you must explore, fight enemies, and resist the temperature.

The High Complexity Area in Lego Fortnite is the Snowy biome where you must search for recipes like frost pines, iron, sapphire, etc while battling the freezing temperature. 

Continue reading to find out more about the high complexity area in Lego Fortnite and how to progress in it.

What Is High Complexity Area In Lego Fortnite?

The high complexity area of Lego Fortnite is The Snowy Cold Biome.

Furthermore, the snow biome is challenging as it is cold and you must keep yourself warm to survive.

snowy biome
The snowy biome is the High Complexity Area in Lego Fortnite.

The temperature in the snowy biome rises from cold to Freezing Cold due to which it is high high-complexity area.

Moreover, it is very difficult to look for materials in the snowy biome without freezing.

Find The Snowy Biome In Lego Fortnite

To find the Snowy biome you can get up in the air with the help of your balloon a look for mountains from up there.

You can get a 360-degree view from above so you can easily spot the peaks which are the snowy biome in the game.

Head in the direction where you spot the massive mountains covered in snow to go to the high-complexity area of Lego Fortnite.

Moreover, you can also spot the Snowy biome from the map as the snowy biome has a lighter hue than others.

How To Survive The High Complexity Area?

Before you land on the snowy biome, you must be aware of the cold temperature.

The cold temperature can take away your health points quicker and will lead to starving quicker than usual.

So, you must prepare yourself for the cold by disabling the cool-headed charm.

The cool-headed charm increase resistance to hot temperatures so it is only best for deserts and lava cave.

You can stack hot-headed charms instead to build resistance to cold in the snowy biome.

Get Recipes In Snowy Biome For An Epic Pickaxe

You must venture into the snowy biome with high complexity to get recipes for crafting an Epic Pickaxe.

The recipes required to craft an Epic Pickaxe are Frostpine, iron, sapphire, and malachite. 

Furthermore, the Epic Pickaxe is a strong pickaxe that will allow you to harvest stone objects.

pine trees
Cut the pine trees in the snowy biome to get Frostpines for crafting the epic pickaxe.

Hence it is best against structures so you can strike for heavy metals with the Epic pickaxe.

Besides, you must obtain an obsidian slab and 5 Frostpine rods from the snowy biome to unlock an epic pickaxe.

Defeat Enemies Inside The Cave Of Snowy Biome

When you land on the snowy biome you will find pine trees so chop them down to obtain the Frostpines.

Furthermore, you will encounter enemies when you enter the cave in the snowy biome.

You must kill them quickly and avoid getting hit by them as it will further reduce your HP while you are freezing.

high complexity area lego fortnite
Kill enemies in the cave of the snowy biome to explore the cave for recipes.

Besides, you can use your recursive crossbow to shoot at the enemies from a far range to avoid taking hits from them.

You will also encounter crabby monsters inside the cave that can significantly eat away at your health.

So when you spot one in the cave, immediately put on your shield and kill the monster.

Crush Black Rocks To Obtain Recipes

The next step is to explore the snowy biome where you will find huge black rocks.

Furthermore, these black rocks will give you an Iron bar when you crush them.

So, use your rare pickaxe to hit multiple times at the black rocks and they will eventually break to give you Iron Bars.

black rocks
Crush the black rocks with an uncommon pickaxe to obtain iron, essence of luck, etc.

You can also find other recipes like Essence of Luck, sapphire, malachite, etc from these rocks.

So keep breaking these black rocks and obtain all the recipes for making an Epic Pickaxe.

The Bottom Line

The snowy biome is challenging yet exciting as it has valuable recipes to unlock an Epic Pickaxe.

You will enhance your exploring skills while battling the temperature in this high-complexity area.

So, before you land on the snowy biome stack your equipment slots with charms that provide you resistance to cold.

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